Misc Fandoms

Fullmetal Alchemist

Kingdom Hearts

Ouran High School Host Club

Flash Fiction

Cold War Transmissions
X-Men First Class/Transformers(Bayverse) Crossover
Rated: K+
Desc: Hello, Soundwave. Meet my telepathic friend.

Confessions of A Western Lord
Rated: NC-17
Desc: Miroku/Sesshoumaru. A series of one-shots from Sesshoumaru’s POV, describing the possessive and twisted affair with Miroku that led to startling and bloody conclusions.
(Tamed) (Taken) (Consumed) (Tainted) (Delivered)

Forgotten Son
Avatar: the Last Airbender
Rated: K+
Oneshot. Piandao centric with Jeong Jeong bromance.
Desc: It’s been decades, but Piandao has never forgotten that face.

Love Potion No. 8.5
Final Fantasy VIII
Rated: M
Oneshot. Seifer/Zell
Desc: Two years after the defeat of Ultimecia, the two former enemies have now become friends of a sort. But Selphie has her mind set on making things better for all with the use of one of her favorite potions. What’s the worst that could happen?

Never Spoken
Lunar – Silver Star Story (Sega CD)
Rated: K+
Drabble. He had only one regret in his life, for the words he had never spoken, for the emotions he didn’t know he held. And now it was too late. Because there weren’t second chances in life, no matter how hard Ghaleon wished.


Swept Away
Rated: T
Desc: Kon’s POV. It’s useless to try and escape at this point. He’s been locked on, swept away, and trapped. Friendship-fic.

Of Confidence
Rated: T
Desc: Toki’s POV. He smiles like that, and somehow, Toki always feels that it is going to be okay.

~Critical Role~

A Curious Folly
Rated: T
Desc: A shared battle, a shared room, and an exchange of bandages – it’s all in the name of getting to know one another.
(Fjord and Molly, Post Ep4)

~Legend of Dragoon~

More Than I Deserve
Rated: M
One-Shot. LavitzxAlbert. Pre-game.
Desc: In the still of the night, a secret liaison, hoping for something that can never be, but it is your eyes that I love and your touch that I desire. But he is the King, and I… am a Knight.

Good Enough
Rated: T
One-Shot. AlbertxLavitz.
Desc: Albert realizes that in the end, it was he who had not been deserving of his knight. There was nothing like the pain of loneliness.

Of Fear and Weakness
Rated: K+
One-Shot. GrehamxServi (unrequited). Pre-game.
Desc: He only wanted to be with him, so that their friendship would never end, always fighting together, side by side. But his fear and his cowardice, always held his tongue and in the end, he was as weak as he had always been.

~Samurai Champloo~

Post Episode 26
In the end, one lonely ronin realized that life before was so much more fulfilling.

Secrets of the Heart
Rated: M
Jin/Mugen. Mugen/Jin. Fuu/OC. After reuniting, Jin and Mugen attempt to build a life together, but the past doesn’t often stay buried, and shadows come back to haunt them both.