Rescue Bots

Rated: K+
Desc: When the past rears it’s ugly head, Blades needs a gentle reminder of what he means to his team.
Takes place before High Tide shows up in S3

Family Matters
Rated: K+
Desc: The Bots get an unexpected surprise when their parents swing by for a visit, and the Burnses get a lesson in Cybertronian families.

Left Behind
Rated: K+
Desc: Ratchet’s visit is no cause for celebration.
Takes place post Predacons Rising. Crossover.

Not The T-Rex You’re Looking For
Rated: K+
Desc: A case of mistaken identity results in headaches for everyone involved.
Crossover with Robots in Disguise 2015

Ticket to Ride 
Rated: M
Desc: A midnight visit from Heatwave spells the best kind of trouble for High Tide. As it turns out, he quite likes a firebot in distress.
(Heatwave/High Tide)

Full Throttle
Rated: M
Desc: Contrary to popular belief, Primes do know how to party. High Tide has first hand experience, after all.
(High Tide/Heatwave, companion to Ticket to Ride)