Seireitei Monogatari

Pairing/Characters: Aizen/Ichigo
Rated: M
Description: Ichigo doesn’t have much patience.

Pairing/Characters: Kenpachi, Ichigo
Rated: T
Description: Kenpachi tries to flirt. It doesn’t go over so well.

Playtime with Shirou
Pairing/Characters: Hitsugaya, Ukitake
Rating: K
Description: Ukitake wants to play a game.

The Big Players
Pairing/Characters: Gotei 13 and Ichigo
Rating: T
Description: There may have been more than one reason Aizen left after all.

Ice Cream
Pairing/Characters: TatsukixOrihime
Rating: K
Description: Just because it was a randomly special day.

Thrill of the Forbidden
Pairing/Characters: KenpachixByakuya
Rating: M
Description: They say many things, but that doesn’t make it the truth.

Pairing/Characters: Byakuya
Rating: K
Description: Byakuya thinks it looks like noodles, too.

Battle Scars
Pairing/Characters: ChadxIchigo
Rating: T
Description: Battle scars and love scars, scars of loyalty for saving a friend.

Of Love’s Bestowing
Pairing/Characters: ByakuyaxRenji, multiple pairings
Rating: T
Description: Byakuya has been in love four times.

Worst Fears
Pairing/Characters: Yamamoto
Rating: K
Description: Even captain commanders have nightmares.

Lovely Item
Pairing/Characters: KenpachixByakuya
Rating: M
Description: Kenpachi likes pretty things.

A Century of Bad Luck
Pairing/Characters: ByakuyaxHisana, ByakuyaxIchigo
Rating: K
Description: Even the son of a noble family has his sufferings.

Love is Enough
Pairing/Characters: UkitakexByakuya
Rating: T
Description: And just this once, Jyuushiro chose to be selfish.

Decorating Made Easy
Pairing/Characters: Hitsugaya, Matsumoto
Rating: T
Description: Frilly and lacy purple dots were not his style.

Someone to Protect
Pairing/Characters: RenjixOrihime
Rating: T
Description: She needed a hero, and he desperately wanted to be one. It was as simple as that.

Pairing/Characters: AizenxRenji
Rating: M
Description: Useless as a pawn but entertaining as a toy, he wondered when Renji would finally break.

Two of a Kind
Pairing/Characters: Kenpachi, Byakuya
Rating: T
Description: They blamed it on the sake.

Pairing/Characters: Gin/Hitsugaya
Rating: M
Description: No one had known. It was an inevitable lie that wasn’t meant to last.

Pairing/Characters: Aizen, one-sided Aizen/Ukitake
Rating: T
Description: There was an exception to every rule.

Pairing/Characters: ChadxIchigo
Rating: T
Description: Inspired by Episode 35. Because Ichigo has always been able to feel him.

Bankai Envy
Pairing/Characters: Shunsui, mentions of others
Rating: K
Description: Shunsui has been struck with a most terrible illness.

Pairing/Characters: Isshin, mentions of Ukitake/Ichigo
Rating: T
Description: Father’s are meant to protect their sons but even Isshin knows when it’s time to let go.

It Seems to be Catching
Pairing/Characters: Ichigo, Iba, Shuuhei, Kira, Ikkaku, Renji, IchigoxMany
Rating: T
Description: “I’m not gay… am I?”

Just to Touch You
Pairing/Characters: ByakuyaxRenji
Rating: M
Description: It was taunting. It was distracting. It was daring Byakuya to cross the line.

The Ties that Bind
Pairing/Characters: Byakuya/Ichigo, Renji, Rukia
Rating: T
Description: He often wondered why they didn’t hate him.

The Things He’s Carried
Pairing/Characters: ChadxIshida, mentions of others
Rating: T
Description: There was a reason his arms were strong.

The Manliest Man
Pairing/Characters: The Womens Shinigami Association
Rating: T
Description: The votes are in and the winner is…

Not the Kittens!!
Pairing/Characters: Iba, Renji, Yoruichi, Urahara
Rating: T
Description: Iba learns life’s lessons from the master… Urahara.

Bitter Taste
Pairing: Aizen/Gin
Rating: M
Description: There are some cravings that are too hard to let go.

Why Aizen No Longer Wears Red
Pairing/Characters: Aizen, Il Forte, Gin
Rating: T
Description: There are reasons Aizen doesn’t wear red.

Just a Little Bit Selfish
Pairing/Characters: UkitakexRukia, Renji, Byakuya
Rating: T
Description: She only wanted someone to ask her to stay.

The Million-Yen Question
Pairing/Characters: ShunsuixUkitake and a slew of others
Rating: T
Description: After two-thousand years, Shunsui suffers his first identity crisis…. sort of.

Seven Minutes in Heaven
Pairing/Characters: Byakuya, Kenpachi
Rating: T
Description: There were worse ways to spend his time than crammed in a closet with Kuchiki Byakuya.

The Nightmare in Seireitei
Pairing/Characters: Shunsui, Ikkaku, Yumichika, Ukitake
Rating: T
Description: It was only a dream, a horrible dream. Right?

Who’s Your Daddy?
Pairing/Characters: Renji, Ichigo, Uryuu, mentions of others
Rating: T
Description: Some rumors were worth dying for, at least in Rukia’s opinion.

Perfect Every Time
Pairing/Characters: Unohana/Isane
Rating: T
Description: It’s moments like these that she loves the most.

Blissfully Unaware
Pairing/Characters: Shuuhei, Renji, Ikkaku, Yumichika
Rating: T
Description: He’s ridiculously good-looking and doesn’t even notice.

Young Again
Pairing/Characters: Ukitake/Ichigo, Shunsui
Rating: T
Description: He thinks that his friend has never looked so happy, so young. So very alive.

A Cold, Hard Rain
Pairing/Characters: Byakuya/Kira
Rating: T
Description: Being strong was all a matter of perspective.

Of Honor and Pride
Pairing/Characters: Ukitake, Kaien
Rating: T
Description: Honor has killed millions and saved no one, least of all the man he loved as a son.

Fashion Emergency
Pairing/Characters: Chad, Isshin
Rating: T
Description: Chad discovers that it might be time to rethink his shopping choices.

Strangely Average
Pairing/Characters: UryuuxHanatarou
Rating: T
Description: He was a nothing, a nobody, but somehow Uryuu was terribly intrigued.

Oral Fixation
Pairing/Characters: Hiyori, Shinji, Nnoitra
Rating: T
Description: Some might say that it was an oral fixation while Hiyori’s sure he’s just an idiot.

Neat Little Boxes
Pairing/Characters: Kurosaki Ichigo
Rating: T
Description: Everything has its place, locked inside where it is easiest to bear and forget… if only for a little while.

Pairing/Characters: ShunsuixIchigo, EveryonexIchigo
Rating: T
Description: Inexplicably easy to love, like a drug you can’t escape.

Simple Lies
Pairing/Characters: RenjixIchigo (past), ShuuheixIchigo, RenjixMatsumoto (past), ShuuheixMatsumoto (past)
Rating: T
Description: Because monogamy wasn’t a word that Renji readily understood and he never could resist temptation.

The Sound of Silence
Pairing/Characters: Chad/Hitsugaya, Matsumoto
Rating: T
Description: He was quiet and peaceful, and at the end of the day, that was all Toushirou really wanted.

Following the Trend
Pairing/Characters: Chad/Ishida
Rating: T
Description: Chad seeks out Ishida for a little fashion help.

A Mother’s Love
Pairing/Characters: Unohana, Hanatarou
Rating: T
Description: One never forgets what it is to be a mother, even it seems your child no longer needs you.

Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen
Pairing/Characters: Stark, Ulquiorra, Aizen, Gin, Tousen
Rating: T
Description: Is it any wonder how this hasn’t happened before?

Mind Meld
Pairing/Characters: Ichigo, Chad, Renji, Keigo, Mizuiro
Rating: T
Description: Because they are one being. Seriously.

The Laughing Grim Reaper
Pairing/Characters: Aizen, Ukitake, Urahara
Rating: T
Description: Altruism is in the eye of the beholder.

Mind Over Matter
Pairings/Characters: Nanao
Rating: T
Description: Nanao-introspective. Strength. People see it as a mass of muscle. Nanao sees it as being smarter than everyone else.

The Usual Spot
Pairings/Characters:  KomamuraxSoifon
Rating: T
Description: Completely unexpected but not entirely unwanted. There’s comfort in loneliness.

The Taste of Sin
Pairings/Characters: GinxHitsugaya
Rating: T
Description: He’s never been afraid of heights, of the edge, and isn’t about to start now.

Pairings/Characters:  UkitakexHitsugaya
Rating: T
Description: He should have known better than to listen to one of Jyuushiro’s bright ideas.

Pairings/Characters: IchigoxHitsugaya
Rating: T
Description: Some traditions are worth keeping.

In Search of Normality
Pairings/Characters: KeigoxIshida
Rating: T
Description: Sometimes, he doesn’t want the pity. Sometimes Uryuu just wants the ignorance.

Twilight Affair
Pairings/Characters: UraharaxKira
Rating: T
Description: He’s pretty happy right now, Izuru thinks, and that’s all that really matters.

His Hands
Pairings/Characters: ChadxUryuu
Rating: T
Description: It is Sado’s hands that define him, that show in an instant just what kind of man he is.

Of Stars and Silence
Pairings/Characters: IchigoxHitsugaya
Rating: T
Description: Comfortable silence fell between them, neither needing conversation to be at ease with each other.

Sugar and Spice
Pairings/Characters: GinxRukia (one-sided)
Rating: T
Description: From the moment Gin had seen the little sad-eyed girl, looking so much like her dearly departed sister, he had wanted to taunt her.

Pairings/Characters: GrimmjowxIchigoxUlquiorra
Rating: M
Description:  Ichigo never thought that being caught in the middle of two dangerous Espada would have its benefits.

Fan Service
Pairings/Characters: Ukitake, Kiyone
Rating: T
Description: Popularity was overrated. Especially since he hadn’t gotten his mail in over a year.

Coming Out
Pairings/Characters: IchigoxYumichika
Rating: T
Description: Who knew coming out of the closet was this damn hard?

Before the Dawn
Pairings/Characters: JyuushirouxYoruichi
Rating: T
Description: Jyuushirou supposes he has always been a foolish man.

Of Respect and Loathing
Pairings/Characters: UlquiorraxGrimmjow
Rating: T
Description: Contrary to popular belief, Ulquiorra did not hate Grimmjow. Nor did he loathe him.

This Inexplicable Fascination
Pairings/Characters: Ulquiorra, Aizen, mentions of Ichigo
Rating: K+
Description:  Without reason, without rationality, Ulquiorra finds himself an Espada possessed.

The Kurosaki Magnetism
Pairings/Characters: The Urahara shoten cast, Ichigo, the ten Espada
Rating: T
Description: Ichigo’s building an army, and Kisuke has no idea how he’s doing it.

The Thrill of the Chase
Pairings/Characters: KenpachixIchigo, Yachiru
Rating: T
Description:  It’s not so much running for his life, as it is running for his virtue.

Equivalent Exchange
Pairings/Characters: UraharaxIchigo
Rating: T
Description:  A secret discovered brings them closer than they’ve ever been before.

Guilty Pleasures
Pairings/Characters: Ikkaku, mentions of the Gotei-13
Rating: T
Description:  He was the man with the secrets.

Recipe for a Villain
Pairings/Characters: Aizen Sousuke, mentions of Gotei-13 and Vizards
Rating: T
Description:  He was a Shinigami on the edge, only waiting to be shoved over.

By It’s Cover
Pairings/Characters: UraharaxKensei
Rating: T
Description:  Two unlikely people find they share a collector’s interest in a single item.

A Different Kind of Pain
Pairings/Characters: StarkxByakuya
Rating: T
Description:  When there is nothing left, the greatest pain is being forgotten.

Excuse Me, Miss?
Pairings/Characters: Ukitake, Shunsui
Rating: T
Description: Because even mild-mannered gentlemen have a breaking point.

Thanks for the Memories
Pairings/Characters: IchigoxGrimmjow
Rating: T
Description: Rukia thought she knew everything about Ichigo, but she didn’t know this.

For Solace
Pairings/Characters: ChadxIchigo
Rating: T
Description: For Ichigo, who has all his own strength, this is all that Chad can do for him.

Toy Soldiers
Pairings/Characters: Ichigo-centric
Rating: T
Description: No one every questioned. No one ever asked. No one ever wondered at the limits of a hero.

Compensation Required
Pairings/Characters: GinxGrimmjow
Rating: T
Description: “Please, don’t molest my subordinates in the hallway.”

Lovers and Liars
Pairings/Characters: Ichigo, Komamura
Rating: T
Description: Ichigo hadn’t realized that he preferred this. A quiet understanding that didn’t presume and didn’t patronize.

Everyday Heroes
Pairings/Characters: Isshin-centric
Rating: T
Description: Whatever the reasons were, this was something Isshin should have done a lot sooner.

Moving On
Pairings/Characters: RenjixTatsuki, mentions of past, one-sided Renji/Rukia, Renji/Ichigo and Tatsuki/Ichigo
Rating: T
Description: He was bigger than her, and older, and supposedly wiser but there was a vulnerability to him that Tatsuki couldn’t ignore.

Anywhere but Home
Pairings/Characters: AizenXIchigo
Rating: M
Description:  It was ironic really. That the same man that had destroyed him had now saved him from himself.

Pairings/Characters: IchigoxRenjixRukia
Rating: M
Description:  They need her, and she needs them. If someone asks, not that anyone would dare, that’s what Rukia would say.

Cherry Lips
Pairings/Characters: Benihime/Zangetsu
Rating: T
Description:  A real man knows when to graciously accept defeat.

Pairings/Characters: Shirosaki/Kenpachi, Ichigo
Rating: T
Description:  That’s the last time Ichigo drinks the geta-boushi’s tea with Rukia’s brownies.

Pairings/Characters: Izuru, Ulquiorra, Unohana
Rating: T
Description:  Ulquiorra wakes, last remembering he should be dead.

ADA Accepted
Pairings/Characters: Pesshe/Uryuu
Rating: T
Description:  Some days, Uryuu felt that he lived in a really bad shoujo– or worse shounen-ai — manga.

Pairings/Characters: Ichigo/Zangetsu, Shirosaki
Rating: M
Description: Shirosaki assumed that since they had to know he was watching, that he had permission.

Chasing Cars
Pairings/Characters: Urahara/Stark, Yoruichi
Rating: T
Description: Stark rather likes the view here, and he doesn’t just mean the star-filled sky.

Pairings/Characters: Hanatarou/Renji (vaguely), anonymous Shinigami
Rating: T
Description: Hanatarou feels that he knows far more about Abarai Renji than any one man has a right to know.

Hot for Teacher
Pairings/Characters: Ichigo/Urahara
Rating: M
Description: The geta-boushi is his master, his sensei, and Ichigo tries to convince himself that’s all there is to it.

Worst Fear
Pairings/Characters: Renji/Ishida
Rating: T
Description: They were two different people with two different lives. Only borrowing each other’s warmth to heal old wounds.

Pairings/Characters: Gin/Matsumoto
Rating: T
Description: She wonders if being sorry is good enough.

Silver Lining
Pairings/Characters: Byakuya and Ulquiorra
Rating: K
Description: Byakuya hopes that he hasn’t just made the biggest mistake of his life.

Russian Roulette
Pairings/Characters: Ukitake/Gin
Rating: M
Description: If they knew the truth, they’d run him through. That might be preferable.

All He Had to Give
Pairings/Characters: Urahara/Ichigo
Rating: T
Description: Someone’s been stalking Ichigo and whoever they are keeps using insane ways to show it.

Pairings/Characters: Chad/Unohana
Rating: T
Description: She thinks that he’s beautiful.

Art Appreciation
Pairings/Characters: Yumichika/Kira
Rating: M
Description: Everyone’s a critic. Most of the time. Yumichika, however, considers himself a connoisseur.

My Horizontal Life
Pairings/Characters: Lisa/Everyone
Rating: M
Description: Lisa thinks about past conquests — victorious or otherwise.

Fight Like a Girl
Pairings/Characters: Tatsuki+Soifon
Rating: T
Description: Soifon makes a new friend. The world beware.

I Claim This Land
Pairings/Characters: Matsumoto/Shunsui
Rating: M
Description: Rangiku had staked this land for her own. And now was the time to claim it.

Love The Way You Lie
Pairings/Characters: Gin/Byakuya
Rating: M
Description: Byakuya has words for ears that can no longer hear them.

Nobody’s Victim
Pairings/Characters: Yumichika, Ikkaku, Surprise
Rating: M
Description: Friends will kill for you. Best friends will help you hide the bodies.

Accidental Seduction
Pairings/Characters: one-sided IchigoxRenji
Rating: T
Description: It shouldn’t be this hot. It is.

Lest We Forget
Pairings/Characters: Aizen/Urahara
Rating: M
Description: Aizen is too smug. Too self-assured. Too strong to ever defeat.

Lies and Promises
Pairings/Characters: IchigoxUrahara
Rating: M
Description: Just this once, Kisuke tells himself, but in the end, they’re both lying for the sake of a promise.

A Silence in Winter
Pairings/Characters: ToshirouxKarin
Rating: T
Description: There are probably worse tortures, but right now, Toushirou can’t think of one more heart-breaking than this.

Pairings/Characters: Aizen/Ichigo
Rated: M
Desc: The voice in his ear was crafted from sin.

An Unlikely Friendship
Pairings/Characters: Hitsugaya and Shuuhei
Rated: K+
Desc: Toshirou and Shuuhei end up sharing a room in the fourth division medical center.

Restless Echo
Pairings: Ichigo/Gin
Rated: T
Desc: There are echoes of the past in the way that Gin sleeps.

Rated: M
Desc: Renji and Shuuhei celebrate Renji’s return to Seireitei.

Coke Vs. Pepsi
Rated: K+
Desc: In the ultimate battle of taste, he who kisses first, wins.

Life Ain’t Fair
Rated: M
Desc:Shirosaki is definitely going to blur the lines between pleasure and pain and Kisuke can’t wait.

Rated: M
Desc: This is the risk Ichigo assumes when taking a Hollow for a lover.

Urahara, Ichigo, Yoruichi
Rated: K+
Desc: It was a unanimous decision, from now on, Yoruichi was making breakfast.

Renji/Ishida (one-sided)
Rated: M
Desc: It’s strange and random, this obsession with a Quincy brat, and Renji can’t seem to fight it.

Hands All Over
Rated: M
Desc: Ichigo had no choice but to wait and writhe, trapped under Kisuke’s sinful hands.

Rated: T
Desc: Stark looked into the mirror, admired his change in appearance, and felt the eyes behind him, doing much the same.

Rated: K+
Desc: If the damn Shinigami was going to start something, Uryuu was damn well going to finish it.

Rated: M
Desc: Fascinating that one side of Sousuke’s adversary might hate his guts, but the other side showed a distinct sexual interest.

Rated: K+
Desc: Tatsuki had always been a very good teacher when given a good enough incentive.

Rated: M
Desc: Shuuhei shivered, bucking into those skilled fingers, a motion that answered just as good as any words. Yes

Bulletproof Heart
Rated: K+
Desc: Soul Society is so very foolish, has always been, and Sousuke is glad to pick up their pieces.

Rated: M
Des: Orihime laughs, reaches for Renji, and the last thing on his mind is embarrassment.

Rated: K+
Desc: Soifon’s cheeks flushed darker as she lifted her eyes and caught sight of the sprig of mistletoe on the frame above them.

Rated: M
Desc: This is one night none of them will regret.

Protect and Destroy
Urahara and Ichigo
Rated: T
Desc: Kisuke feels a sick, bloodthirsty grin curl his lips. Time to kill the beast.

Under the Helm
Komamura and Ichimaru
Rated: K+
Desc: Past lessons had taught Sajin that it was better to keep his helmet on… except when here.

Rated: M
Desc: Sousuke hums in approval and Ichigo knows it’s going to be a hell of a long night.

Shunsui and Stark
Rated: K+
Desc: Kyouraku chuckled with a humorous tone that never boded well for Stark’s sanity.

Raking Leaves
Rated: K+
Desc: Ichigo grits his teeth, growls in his throat, and promptly ignores the smug Quincy.

The Ghost In You
Rated: M
Desc: They move together in a familiar rhythm, one that seems to be missing a third of the notes.

Hisagi Shuuhei
Rated: K+
Desc: Shuuhei hates that Tousen felt he needed to learn this lesson personally.

Rated: T
Desc: Is it a betrayal if ya were never loyal in the first place?

Familiar Taste of Poison
Rated: M
Desc: They can’t have imagined that Ichigo has no desires to escape, that he doesn’t want to be saved, that he’s perfectly happy where he is and wouldn’t want things any other way.

Rated: M
Desc: Shirosaki chuckles in a Hollow’s voice, and Shuuhei is so dead. But oh, what a fuckin’ way to go.

The Hand That Feeds
Aizen/GrimmjowRated: T
Desc: Aizen leans forward, his voice a wet, hot breath across Grimmjow’s ear, his words sizzling straight to Grimmjow’s groin

Rated: M
Desc: The cuffs rattle as he tests them and Shinji tosses a glare at his lover.

Ishida, Byakuya/Ryuuken
Rated: M
Desc: This is his father fucking a Shinigami and Uryuu can’t decide if he’s thoroughly furious or pleased that Ryuuken no longer has a leg to stand on.

Rated: M
Desc: Aizen’s no different from Stark. In the end, he’s searching for the same utterly unattainable thing.

Domestic Responsibility
Rated: M
Desc: Grimmjow whines as Hisagi strokes him just right and Stark licks his lips. And oh, what a delicious pet as well.

Candy Hearts
Rated: K+
Desc: Tatsuki just loves keeping Soifon on her toes. That astonished blush is the cutest thing ever.

Rated: M
Desc: Freak that Szayel is, everything is a turn on. All Stark has to do is breathe.

Rated: T
Desc: Ichigo’s abilities to sense and hide reiatsu are improving by leaps and bounds, so he has to know that Sousuke is there, even if he’s doing his best to conceal his presence.

Clothes Shopping
Rated: K+
Desc: Nel just loves to make Ichigo blush.

Rated: K+
Desc: Jyuushirou watches them kiss, knowing that aftercare will be his own pleasure later.

Hold It Against Me
Rated: M
Desc: Kisuke can think of much worse ways to go then being captivated by two of Seireitei’s most desired Shinigami.

The Best of You
Urahara Kisuke
Rated: K+
Desc: Kisuke’s allowed Sousuke to get the best of him once before. He won’t let that happen again. He refuses.

Rated: M
Desc: Ichigo is somewhere behind those black and gold eyes, that devious cackle, and Stark knows it.

Pick Up Lines
Rated: K+
Desc: “Baby, you must be a broom, because you sweep me off my feet.”

The Kill
Rated: M
Desc: This is what Grimmjow wants, and Shuuhei’s the one that has to get over his hangups and give it to him.

Breakfast in Bed
Rated: T
Desc: Tatsuki grins from where she reclines on the pillow. “It’s breakfast in bed.”

Nothing Ever Changes
Rated: K+
Desc: It’s Hueco Mundo and it’s a dead world. A dead world that feels more like home to him than Soul Society or Seireitei ever have.

Rated: M
Desc: Kisuke kisses Ichigo, but it’s Sousuke’s hands on his hips, Sousuke’s lips on the nape of his neck.

Rated: TDesc: His hands are coated in blood but Ichigo’s never noticed. Never made a comment or called him anything other than Gin.

Edge of Heaven
Rated: K+
Desc: So here Kisuke is. Back “home.” Except, it doesn’t feel much like home anymore.

Shopping Cart
Rated: K+
Desc: “I like this kind,” Yoruichi says, and Kisuke watches as three brightly colored boxes of sugar-laced cereal tumbles into the shopping cart.

Tea Ceremony
Rated: K+
Desc: That was, of course, until that one battle in Hueco Mundo when Kenpachi had been as much a hindrance as a help and Byakuya can’t remember a time when he’d had so much fun.

Tag Team
Rated: M
Desc: They have this down to an art. Which makes Shinji somewhat jealous of who else might have received the pleasure of being the sole focus of both Kisuke and Ichigo.

Battle of One
Rated: T
Desc: “The shape of death wasn’t the only thing holding me back with Kazeshini.”

Inside Out
Rated: T
Desc: Tatsuki is her future. Yoruichi-sama is the past.

Rated: K+
Desc: He has an aversion to both being cold and being wet. Grimmjow doesn’t know where it stems from, but he’s quite happy to listen to his instincts and avoid both.

Perfect Enemy
Rated: T
Desc: Jyuushirou sighs. Sousuke’s invitation is tempting.

Rated: T
Desc: Zangetsu and Zabimaru clash with a resounding clang that vibrates up King’s arm and echoes in King’s head space.

Snowball Fight
Rated: K+
Desc: It’s not everyday that Soifon-taichou consents to allowing them to have fun.

Long Live the King
Ichigo and Ulquiorra
Rated: T
Desc: Aizen’s dead, he’s still alive, and Ulquiorra’s not trying to kill him. And somehow, Ichigo is now King.

Rated: T
Desc: Ichigo has almost convinced himself that he really is crazy, except when he steps out his door the next day, keys in hand to lock his apartment behind him, Renji is there.

Love Bites
Rated: T
Desc: There’s only one person who can knock Soifon off her carefully ordered line: Shihouin Yoruichi.

Kira and Hitsugaya
Rated: K+
Desc: “What do you see in him?”

Dress Up
Rated: T
Desc: Ichigo knows he’s going to give in. Damn them both.

Perfect Isn’t Easy
Ayasegawa Yumichika
Rated: K+
Desc: With a final glance in the mirror, Yumichika decides that he is ready to greet the day.

Sneak Attack
Desc: She doesn’t see them coming, a feat unto itself.

Rated: T
Desc: The submission was both voluntary and symbolic. The blindfold, however, was real.

Rated: K+
Desc: Isane takes slow and steady breaths, smooths down the fabric of her dress, and tells herself her fingers aren’t shaking.

Rated: K+
Desc: Of all the weapons that have ever been aimed at Ichigo’s body, it is the idea of scissors being anywhere near the nape of his neck that makes him cringe.

Self Care
Yasutora Chad
Rated: K+
Desc: Chad hadn’t wanted to lose that strength, but no matter what he tried, he couldn’t fix himself.

Long Night
Rated: T
Desc: Shuuhei whimpers and groans and moans, body twitching between the two captains, and all he can think is: This is going to be a long, long night.

Double-Sided Coin
Rated: T
Desc: Their relationship defies all logic.

Safety First
Rated: M
Desc: Sousuke pressed against him from behind, Gin splayed out beneath him

Kinky Things
Rated: M
Desc: Espada Interruptus. Or. They try to get up to kinky things, until Grimmjow comes crashing through the wall.

Tatsuki/Soifon, Yoruichi
Rated: T
Desc: “You know, I never did understand what she saw in you. All glimmer and no worth.”

Trial Run
Ichigo and Gin
Rated: K+
Desc: Admittedly, it isn’t the worst pick up line Ichigo has ever heard. But it comes pretty damn close.