Never Been Kissed

~Never Been Kissed~

Never Been Kissed
Characters: Rukia, ByakuyaxIchigo
Desc: Poor Ichigo. He’s never been kissed in his life.

The Night They Burned Seireitei Down
Characters: ByakuyaxIchigo, Hitsugaya, Rukia, mentions of others
Desc: Drunken revelry leads to unexpected surprises.

Mating Rituals
Characters: ByakuyaxIchigo, Nemu
Desc: Observe the rare Kuchiki heir as he stalks his prey….

A Brother’s Duty
Characters: Rukia, IchigoxByakuya, Ukitake
Desc: When Ichigo finds out Rukia’s secret, he makes it his duty to give her a hand.

Biting the Bullet
Characters: ByakuyaxIchigo, Ukitake, Shunsui
Desc: There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to suck it up and ask life’s age old question: how do I have sex with my boyfriend?

A Queer Theory
Characters: Gotei 13, ByakuyaxIchigo
Desc: His sex life had been reduced to a bar graph. A bar graph! Someone was going to die.

Of Understanding
Characters: ByakuyaxIchigo
Desc: Because no matter what anyone says, the past cannot be easily forgotten.

May and December
Characters: UkitakexRukia
Desc: Taking a certain someone’s roundabout advice, Jyuushirou seeks out Rukia.

My Pace
Characters: ByakuyaxIchigo
Desc: Byakuya wasn’t the best at comforting, but that did not mean he did not try.

Chocolate Temptations
Characters: ByakuyaxIchigo
Desc: Byakuya thinks he’s discovered a new addiction in more ways than one.

Dancing with Death
Characters: ByakuyaxIchigo
Desc: “I assure you, Ichigo. The Kuchiki have made no great efforts to assassinate you.”

Slow Dance
Characters: JyuushirouxRukia
Desc: By the gods, she makes him young again.

And With This Hand
Rated: M
Jyuushirou should have known that nothing ever goes the way he plans.
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