A Fate Worse Than Death
Rated: M
Why is Vincent running? Who is chasing him? Will he get away? Answers inside!! Check it out you might find you like the taste!

Body Switch
Rated: M
Cloud/Tifa. Sephiroth/Zack. Sephiroth/Cloud. Sephiroth/Cloud/Zack.
Bitter rivals switch bodies in this hilarious parody, only to realize that they’ve been in love with each other all along. Expect the unexpected.

Chronicles of Valentine
Rated: M
It all started with a woman named Lucrecia, or so I have long lamented. Cursed with this immortal body… I suffered through the ages. But now, centuries later, I may have found my redemption.
Vincent/Reeve, Vincent/Cloud, Vincent/OC, Vincent/Seifer, Squall/Rinoa, Squall/Zell, Irvine/Selphie

Head Over Feet
Rated: M
The story of two men harboring feelings of love and the path they took in hiding them… or revealing them as the case might be.

Mirrors of Guilt
Rated: M
When two men with nearly identical sins handle their sorrows in different ways, can they learn to help each other? Or will the past leave no room for the future, causing solitude for both?

Rated: M
Winner of BND: Smut Contest 2007, Best Multi-Part.
He only wanted him to know whom he belonged to. And in the end, he realized that he never knew what he had, until it was gone.

Rated: M
Sometimes, there’s never just one answer. Sometimes, the choices are taken before you can even make them. And sometimes, you don’t even have one.
Between FF7 and Advent Children
Cloud/Vincent; Reno/Cloud; Possible others