Bleach Series

~Daring to Breathe~

Rated: T
Shuuhei wonders how it didn’t see it coming, how he missed all of the signs.

Poisoned Rationality
Rated: T
Shuuhei mused on it for hours on end before realizing he had nothing left to do but ask.

Dance with the Devil
Rated: T
Friendships deepen as and Shuuhei discovers the honesty in the eleventh division.

The Deep End
Rated: T
Shuuhei thinks he might have lost his rationality somewhere along the way to want to do something this dangerous.

Falling Away
Rated: M
Just like a tide. Swept away in the deluge. Shuuhei had no control over himself, every time he was in this man’s presence.

~Probationary Measures~

Heaven Can Wait
Rated: M
This is supposed to be his punishment, but somehow, Gin feels more like it’s the reward.
For rowenstar who was the 33333th hit on “Pandora’s Box”.

Just Rewards
Rated: M
It may not have been what Ichigo pictured for himself, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Watching You
Rated: K+He stands in the doorway and watches, breath held, and perfectly motionless, his reiatsu so tightly confined within him that Ichigo swears the loudest thing about him is his heartbeat.

~Never Regret~

The World of Ruin
Rated: M
The before and the after. The night Urahara leaves Soul Society he leaves some things behind.

Rock Bottom
Rated: T
Left alone, separated by law, the two suffer. This is their pain through the eyes of their closest companions.

Solitary Serenade
Rated: T
After Aizen’s betrayal, two former lovers meet in neutral ground to catch up on old times. An offer is made.

Banks of the Rubicon
Rated: T
For Urahara, it’s what he wants to do. It’s what he’s doing. It’s what he’s done.


Rated: T
His actions will forever paint him as a traitor. Now, years later, Ichigo is the only one who will ever understand why.

Parallax Redux
Rated: M
The other side of the coin. Taking another look at the events in Parallax, this is a ‘could have been’.

Rated: K+
Desc: It’s worse in the dead of night, when the echoes of Sousuke’s presence prove strongest, and Souheki is curled in sleep.


Characters: Tatsuki, Orihime
Description: There is always someone waiting.

Characters: Ichigo, mentions of others
Description: All that matters in the end.

Characters: Uryuu, Chad
Description: It’s all where and what you make it to be.

Characters: Byakuya, Rukia
Description: Stunted forward motion and baby steps define them, but it is progress nonetheless.

Characters: Renji, Izuru, Ikkaku
Description: Conceding defeat and accepting defeat are two entirely different things.

~Family Guy~

Family Guy
Pairing/Characters: Kenpachi, Yachiru, Ikkaku, Yumichika
Rating: T
Description: It was all Kurosaki’s fault. Yachiru had been perfectly fine before.

Rules of Behavior
Pairing/Characters: Captains of the Gotei-13
Rating: T
Description: “Zaraki-taichou, in the future, please refrain from bringing your children to the captain’s meeting.”

Biological Clock
Pairing/Characters: Ukitake, Shunsui
Rating: T
Description: It was all Kenpachi’s fault. He had to go and get a brat and get Jyuushiro’s clock a-tickin’.

Taming of the Shrew
Pairings/Characters: Ukitake, Shunsui, Nanao
Rating: T
Description: It was all Shunsui’s fault.

~Two to Tango~

Five Times Ukitake Tried to Get Laid (And the One Time He Succeeded)
Pairings: JyuushirouxIchigo
Desc: Dating someone shouldn’t have to be this hard.

Shotgun Wedding
Pairings: JyuushirouxIchigo
Desc: After years of longing, they decide there’s no point in waiting.

Blissfully Everafter
Pairings: IchigoxUkitake, ShunsuixYoruichi, Urahara
Desc: The honeymoon is over and now, reality sets in.

Then Comes the Carriage
Pairings: IchigoxJyuushirou, ShunsuixYoruichixKisuke
Desc: Jyuushirou’s been sulking and Ichigo will be damned if knows why.


Quiet Destruction
Rated: T
Desc: The last look Ichigo saw in his eyes was loneliness.

The Thin, Red Line
Rated: T
Desc: Facing the end of his life, Grimmjow contemplates hate, and the lack thereof.

All the Same
Rated: T
Desc: He can’t explain it; he doesn’t even bother to try. Ichigo just knows this is something he has to do.

Anywhere but Here
Rated: M
Desc: He doesn’t really know what they’re doing, what he’s doing, but Grimmjow’s gonna do it all the same.

What Are You Looking For?
Rated: T
Desc: He’s still here. He hasn’t left yet. And Grimmjow doesn’t know why.

One Way Street
Rated: M
Desc: Renji thinks he might be a masochist, or if not, then he’s at least a little sick in the head.

~Fetch and Carry~

Fetch and Carry
Characters: Yamamoto, mentions of others
Desc: There were certain things that a Captain-Commander just knew.

Can I Keep Him?
Characters: Aizen, Gin/Ichigo (one-sided)
Desc: Aizen is usually not surprised by the things that Gin drags in; but this time, he’s not so sure.

What the Fox Dragged In (And Subsequently Kept)
Characters: GinxIchigo
Desc: Ichigo discovers Stockholm’s Syndrome at its greatest.

A Not So Subtle Seduction
Pairings: Gin/Ichigo
The seduction begins and for Ichigo, escape is not an option.

~A Thousand Suns~

Anthem of Our Dying Day
Rated: M
Desc: The betrayal you can see is trivial. What is truly fearsome is the betrayal you don’t see.

Tomorrow in a Bottle
Rating: M
Desc: Kisuke recalls the past, even as he wakes up in the present, fighting a future he doesn’t want to see.

Burning in the Skies
Rating: M
Desc: Kisuke wakes from a memory, wondering what’s truth, what’s lie, and if he’ll ever forget either of them.

Rating: M
Desc: “What do you want most?” As if there was ever any doubt.

~The Furious Case of Ukitake Jyuushiro~

Mad Season
Rating: T
Description: Whoever said that a little honesty never hurt anyone? Obviously they’ve never met Ukitake Jyuushiro.

Damage Report
Rating: T
Description: The aftermath of Ukitake’s fury.

~ A Not So Funny Joke ~

Motivation for Murder
Rating: T
Description: Sometimes, even a little help goes too far.

Rating: T
Description: Renji was certain that someone was out to get him.


Not Quite Emo
Rating: T
Description: Kira is out to prove everyone wrong.

Sooner or Later
Rating: T
Description:  Izuru has found himself again. And it’s about damn time.

~Want Ads~

Wanted: Male, Single, Captain
Rating: T
Description: Because honestly, in her position, her choice of dates was limited.

An Unexpected Date
Rating: T
Description: Funny, Toushirou couldn’t remember sending such a letter.

~Hello, Darkness~

Rating: T
Description:  Shunsui is very familiar with love. But heartbreak… that one is a rather new concept.

In the End
Rating: T
Description:  Nothing really matters except the things never said.

~Ps and Qs~

Of Past and Peppermints
Rating: T
Description: Regrets are something Kisuke rarely allows himself, except this one.

Of Present and Proposals
Rating: T
Description: It is the only thing Byakuya has asked of him, and Kisuke wonders if it is something he is capable of giving.


Musical Chairs
Rating: T
Description: If anyone asked why, Izuru’s answer would be simple: only Ichimaru had wanted him.

Fruits Basket
Rating: K+
Description: An easier decision than expected, Izuru escaped to the only place he had ever been wanted.

~Familial Affairs~

Sins of the Father
Rating: T
Description: It is his greatest sin and a secret Isshin keeps all to himself.

Paternal Pride
Rating: K+
Description:  There is only one thing in the world that Ryuuken wishes for.

~Next Best Thing~

Rating: M
Description: He yearns and wants and needs but can’t have. So Kisuke takes the next best thing. (Zangetsu/Urahara)

Rating: M
Description: Ichigo’s been having dreams lately. One’s too real to be mere fiction, and a little too close to home.

Love Games
Rating: M
Description: Fair is fair. Especially when it comes to Benihime and her human. (Benihime/Ichigo)

~Flawless Victory~

Is This Seat Taken?
Pairing/Characters: Gin, Aizen, Ichigo, Tousen, hinted IchigoxAizen
Rating: T
Description: Were denizens of evil supposed to be enjoying a nice breakfast at a street cafe?

I Surrender
Rating: T
Description: “Can I just… you know, not be evil anymore?”

Desperate Measures
Rating: T
Description: Forgive and forget have never proven truer.


The Duality of a Man
Rating: T
Description:  Izuru was the sort of conundrum that made a man want to peel back the layers, to find the truth behind the mask.

All the Right Reasons
Rating: T
Description: There was no point in leaving Soul Society if Izuru wasn’t going to change.


Take Me On the Floor
Rating: T
Description:  Here in the Living World, Soul Society doesn’t exist, and she’s just a young woman who wants to have fun.

Rating: T
Description: The two of them want a woman who doesn’t exist, but Jyuushirou and Shunsui are determined to prove otherwise.

~Coping Mechanisms~

Not That Innocent
Rating: M
Description: Shuuhei makes several discoveries, only one of which being the importance of locking the door.

One Night Stand
Rating: T
Description: Shuuhei takes denial to a whole new level.