Breathe In, Breathe Out
Rated: T
IshidaxIchigo. It was a simple request, and only hours later would Ichigo come to regret it.

For Your Entertainment
Rated: M
Ichigo/Urahara. Give it all you’ve got until he screams your name.
For Viwild’s 5555th hit request!

Blame It On the Alcohol
Rated: T
Desc: Ichigo/Tatsuki. They may never be true lovers, but there is an affection of sorts between them.

Hero Worship
Rated: M
Byakuya/Renji. And he thinks that this is good enough for a man like him. He really can’t expect anything more.

Unwanted Advances
Pairings/Characters: ByakuyaxRenji
Rating: T
Description:  Byakuya finds himself unable to let go.

Modern Inconveniences
Rated: M
IchigoxByakuya. Seven times Byakuya was baffled by the Living World. Seven times Ichigo was baffled by Byakuya.

Need, Want, Desire
Rated: M
ShuuheixByakuyaxRenji. It was a night Byakuya would never forget, no matter how much it hurt in the morning.

Set Fire to the Rain
Rated: NC-17
Aizen/Urahara. There’s a side to him Kisuke never knew, and the games he played were never true. Save one.
For sharingan_ita’s 50K hit.

Tarnished (Silver)
Rated: K+
The confessions of a man who seemingly gave up everything. The reasons why and the reasons how. All the words he couldn’t say aloud.

The Virtuous Man
Rated: T
Aizen/Ichigo. Patience is a virtue. And despite popular opinion, Aizen Sousuke is a rather virtuous man.