First Encounter
The beginning of a beautiful… something.

Second Meeting
In which Superman tries again and Batman is less than impressed.

Third Strike
In which Batman exercises some patience and Superman doesn’t know the meaning of ‘lost cause.’

Fourth Base
In which Superman seeks advice and Batman doesn’t have time for this.

Fourth Base Addendum
Batman contemplates the meaning of pie. Alfred keeps it simple.
Warnings: None

Fourth Base Addendum Take Two
Martha gets the surprise of a lifetime when Batman shows up on her front porch, as Bruce Wayne no less.

The meeting of two brilliant minds spells future doom for the World’s Finest. Batman and Superman don’t stand a chance.

Fifth Gear
Batman grits his teeth and calls for help. Superman can barely contain his glee.

Sixth Sense
Superman swings by to say thank you and Batman gives him a gift.

Seventh Heaven
In which Batman acquires a sidekick and instantly regrets introducing him to Superman.

Eighth Wonder
An enigmatic new supervillain prompts Superman to finally use the communicator Batman gave him with positive results.

Ninth Grade
Batman finally agrees to join the Justice League, part-time, of course. Superman insists on a party to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Tenth Standard
Clark is let in on a little secret and he couldn’t be happier.