~Coping Mechanisms~

Moments of Disarray
Rated: M
Desc: Can you keep a secret? It’s more than a question, it’s a promise.
Warnings: elements of d/s, may be triggery, tactile interfacing

Undisclosed Desires
Rated: M
Desc: What Jazz needed, Bluestreak provided.

Collateral Damage
Rated: M
Desc: A line is crossed. A mistake is made. And once lost, trust may be impossible to regain.

Leave Out All the Rest
Rated: T
Desc: Time passes as Bluestreak and Jazz try to move past what they’ve become, and ease into something new, while the world shatters around them.

~Dear Lies~

Blank Pages
Rated: M
Desc: Jazz looks at Ratchet like he’s never seen him before and lo and behold, Jazz likes what he sees.
Commission for Jenn.

Dear Lies
Rated: NC-17
Desc: It starts, as horrors are known to do, with the little things.
Non-Con Warning

Rated: M
Desc: . It is a universal constant that the best lies are half true.

What Friends Are For [I][II]
Rated: K+
Desc: Somehow, Ratchet has acquired himself a pair of Lamborghini nanny-bots.

From Yesterday
Rated: T
Desc: Wheeljack only wants the world to make sense again, especially for his conflicted mate. (WheeljackxProwl)

What Lies Beneath
Rated: M
Desc: Jazz wakes and something is off. Something is not quite right. Ratchet is not beside him, and that’s the biggest concern of all.

~Memento Mori~

Curtain Call
Rated: NC-17
Desc:Someone had to be willing to cross the line and Jazz had nothing left to lose. (Jazz/Megatron)
Warnings: NonCon and Major Character Death

Rated: M
Desc: The consequences of Jazz’s actions reverberate through the Autobots, no more so than for Optimus Prime.

~Number One Crush~

Quick ‘n Dirty
Rated: M
Desc: Sideswipe had an idea, Sunstreaker was inspired, and Ratchet’s always up for a challenge.

Push It
Rated: M
Desc: Sometimes, there’s only way to trick a trickster. Pity he seems to enjoy it so much.

Love, How it Hurts
Rated: M
Desc: This time, Ratchet’s the one on the naughty list.

Feels Like Tonight
Rated: M
Desc: Sunstreaker gets a pleasant surprise when Ratchet and Sideswipe happily indulge in one of his secret fantasies.

The Trick is to Keep Breathing
Rated: M
Desc: Sunstreaker wants something but is too embarrassed to ask for it. Too bad for him, Sideswipe is the weakest link and Ratchet knows it.

Bad Things
Rated: NC-17
Desc: There are few things worse than waking up in a Decepticon brig. Except this is not a brig and these aren’t any interrogators Sideswipe’s ever met.
Warnings: Author Chooses Not to Warn

Sound It Out
Rated: M
Desc: Sunstreaker’s desire is Ratchet’s pleasure and Sideswipe’s along for the ride.

A Tasteful Experience
Rated: M
Desc: If Optimus was going to insist that Ratchet take a vacation, than by Primus, Ratchet was going to take a vacation. And he was going to drag his Twins along for a ride.
Commission fic for Jenn

Old Faithful
Rated: M
Desc: Hot, wet, and messy. Of course it was Sideswipe’s idea.

Love Games
Rated: M
Desc: A Collection of short, ficlet sized kink pieces with Ratchet/Sideswipe/Sunstreaker.

Drown In It [1][2][3]
Rated: M
Desc: Sideswipe likes to go deep. Ratchet wants to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself. And Sunstreaker arrives just in time to get dragged into depravity. All in all, business as usual.

Let It Flow [1][2][3][4][5]
Rated: M
Desc: Sunstreaker’s newest, dirtiest secret tests the limits of what Sideswipe is willing to do for his brother even after Ratchet helpfully provides some context. But what comes next brings all three closer than they have ever been. (Warning for watersports kink)

~Six Feet From the Edge~
Jazz/Sunstreaker & Sideswipe/Sunstreaker

You Fight Me
Rated: NC-17
Desc: Love don’t live here anymore. This is how it’s going to end. (SunstreakerxSideswipe)
Warnings for NonCon

Rated: T
Desc: Jazz couldn’t replace Sideswipe. Sunstreaker would never make him try.

Six Feet From the Edge
Rated: T
Desc: It isn’t ideals or the Autobot way that keep Jazz fighting anymore. It’s desperation to keep his Autobots alive, and most especially, Sunstreaker.


Inside Out
Rated: M
Desc: Submission isn’t a word that exists in Decepticon vocabulary. Except, perhaps, in secret.

Rated: T
Desc: Soundwave wants what he cannot have and desires what he should not touch.

Before the Thunder [1] [2] [3]
Rated: T
Desc: Bluestreak has always had a hidden talent, and now that the war is over, someone is very interested in his secret.