Shattered Arc

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Character Profiles
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Minor Character Glossary
Deity Profiles
Paternity Chart of the Demi-Deities

Shattered Boundaries
Rated: NC-17
A collection of one-shot parts detailing the moments in Reeve and Reno’s relationship, from when their eyes met to when they ended up on opposite sides of the battlefield.

Shattered Ice
Rated: M
The story that started it all. Can one gruff pilot find a way to shatter the walls around a lone gunman’s heart? With the world teetering on the brink of destruction, will he have what it takes to forestall disaster?
Cid/Vincent, Reeve/Reno, Cloud/Aeris, Rude/Shera, Nanaki/Yuffie

A Promise is a Promise
Rated: M
Reno has a choice to make for the man he loves. Will he decide to go ahead with his plans… or will something change his mind?

Rated: R
A collection of one-shots related to Vincent Valentine with ten different POV’s including Hojo, Lucrecia, Sephiroth, and others.

Shattered Dreams
Rated: M
Six months after the defeat of Sephiroth, the world seems to be at peace. One pilot; however, continues his relentless search for a man he loves anda new evil quickly rises in power. The mysterious arrival of the animas only adds more confusion. Will our heroes save the world once more or will the power be more than they can handle?

Shattered Traditions
Rated: M
With his best friend by his side, Nanaki embarks on a journey to discover the truth behind his clan and his transformations, including the origin of the amulet. Meanwhile, Yuffie struggles with her own indecision as pressures from home force her into making what may be the biggest mistake of her life.
Nanaki/Yuffie, Tseng/Sephiroth

Shattered Children
Rated: M
Geostigma… a mysterious disease attacking the residents of Gaia. What is its source? How can it be stopped? Meanwhile, Sephiroth struggles to understand his purpose and find his redemption, without losing a fledgling love along the way.
Tseng/Sephiroth, Vincent/Cid, Zack/Elena, Reeve/Reno

Broken and Bonded Refrain
Rated: M
A collection of 20 one-shot songfics for each of the main characters and character pairings within Shattered Universe. Takes place at multiple times within the series and offers insight. Is listed in no specific order.