I have been writing since I was twelve, addicted to video games since I was ten and fell into anime my freshmen year of college, which coincidentally, is when I also discovered the joy of reading and writing m/m romance.Since then, I have moved into Transformers and Justice League, where it seems I am content to stay for right now.

I have always loved to read and it just made sense to start writing on my own. I have a million and one ideas, not nearly enough time to write them all, and an obsession to write as many as I can. I have been writing fanfiction since early 2005, and I’m not slowing down anytime soon.

I’ve published several novels through Torquere Press, though those are currently out of print, and I have a short story with them as we speak. I have self-published several novels, including re-printing the ones previously published.

Fav Quotes

“Once married to my pride, I am now only passing acquaintances with it.” – Sesshoumaru, Episode 5, “Confessions of a Western Lord”

Ratchet has tangled himself in a chainlink fence of lies, desperation, and sorrow. All in some vain attempt to cling to an echo of the past, an echo that’s lost its flavor, its clarity, and its appeal. — Almost Lover

“Peace is always an illusion, a lull between one war and the next.” — Bruce, Cardboard World

“Neither of you can stay offline,” Starscream had sneered, circling around Megatron like some terran bird of prey. “This war can’t be won.” — Insoluble, Interwoven ‘Verse, Chapter Four


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Heather says:

    Queen! I don’t know how else to contact you! The hyperlink got Chapter 31 of Shattered Ice seems to be taking me to chapter 32!


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