[Misc] Secrets of the Heart 08

Chapter Eight – Going Under

He really scared me this time. Never mind that we had fought. Never mind that I was angry with him for treating me that way. He had come close to dying on me, and that I was not prepared for. It reminded me of many times before when I thought I had lost him, when I was harboring those secret lusts for him. That fight with Sara and then the time he told us about jumping off the cliff, it was as if he was looking for death. I couldn’t understand that.

I didn’t really love my life, but I was determined to live it to the end, whether it’s sooner or later doesn’t matter. I wanted to live as long as possible. But Jin seemed to go on with more of a reluctant acceptance. As if he knew he was still alive, and he would deal with that fact until someone came along, who was better than him and did him the honor of ending it all.

A week had passed since the incident. The festival in the town had ended, and Fuu and Kenji were still around. It seemed she wanted for us all to hang out again. I really didn’t care either way. I was just glad that another room had opened up, and Kenji no longer had to share with Jin and I.

Jin was healing nicely. He had lost so much blood. From his thigh to his shoulder and the really horrific gash on his back, not to mention the cut on his forehead from that bitch, they were all beginning to close up. I hoped that in another few days we could leave this town and the rumors of three bodies found in the woods. Luckily, Ichi owed me a few favors and spoke to no one about bringing in Jin all covered in blood as he was. It was obvious that something had happened, but the innkeeper knew enough to keep his mouth shut.

Jin still hadn’t told me everything, but, for the moment, I was just happy to have him alive. So yeah, this is me. I have settled for one, I think. I didn’t realize how much I wanted him in my life until I thought I had lost him. It was like reliving that day when we all walked away in different directions because I was too scared and too full of pride to make my peace then. We had cheated death so many times, he and I, you would think I would be used to it by now. But there was nothing more frightening then happening upon that scene in the forest.

One man already hacked up and dead on the leaf littered ground. Another, his leg cut to shreds, as he stumbled away from my lover. Then the third, preparing to end the life of MY ice prince. An unexplainable rage and concern built up in me and I just ran in without thinking. The girl didn’t scare me. But, man, was she tough. Bitch got me once, but I didn’t tell Jin that. I didn’t want to ruin his idea of me as the perfect fighter after all.

Fuu was worried of course, as she always was. Her face pale and fingers trembling when I brought in Jin all unconscious and bleeding. You would think she would be used to the two of us looking all sliced and diced. I guess no matter how many times something happens, it was something you never adapted to.

And then there was the bag, the little brown, drawstring satchel that I found near to Jin’s unconscious form. I don’t know why I knew I had to pick it up, but I did and tucked it into his clothing before I ran for the Inn with him in my arms. I hadn’t opened it yet. I wasn’t sure why. Maybe I was afraid it held secrets that I didn’t want to know. I had never seen Jin with such an object, so maybe it was a secret of his. Or perhaps one of the three assassins had given it to him. But I was insanely curious and maybe a bit apprehensive. But my biggest feeling?


I was horny as hell!

It had been a week and no sex for Mugen. It was killing me. I tried to go to the red light district, but I couldn’t do it. None of those girls could do it for me. I couldn’t even get him up, poor guy. All I could think about was pale skin and dark hair accompanied by a disapproving scowl. So here I was, the great and horny Mugen, whipped by love for a man and his secrets… pathetic really. I couldn’t even pretend. We hadn’t even made any, `I’m yours’ promises to each other, and still I felt it would be a betrayal. So I sighed, determined I would wait for Jin to get better.

Hah! Little did I know but after that time he first woke up, he fell back into a sleep and didn’t hardly wake but to eat or go to the bathroom. He had been sleeping for nearly a week now.

Which came to me at this point, I was sitting by his bedside and noting how disheveled he looked. He needed a bath and a shave and probably a change of bed sheets and such.

He turned over in his sleep then, with a rustle of fabric, turning to face where I sat on the floor next to him. He had healed enough that he didn’t need any of the bulky bandages anymore, but his wounds probably still hurt like a bitch.

I then had the perfect idea. The reason I had chosen this inn in particular was for the presence of the hot springs in the back. Perfect for bathing and relaxing and other much more fun things…

Jin could get clean… and perhaps I could convince him to help me with a little problem. However… that meant he would have to wake up first. Dammit, foiled again!

And then a stroke of luck! Thank the gods!

As I watched, Jin opened those beautiful eyes and looked up at me with all the clarity of a fully awake man. He blinked once or twice then sat up.

“Mugen…” The way he said my name made me want to shiver. It sent spicy, chills of arousal straight to my groin.

I smiled broadly. Time to put my plan into action. “How you feeling?”

He grimaced but managed to stretch gently. “There are so many ways I could answer that.”

He must be feeling better. His answers didn’t make any sense. That’s was how I always knew he was sick. He managed to answer questions simply.

“You’ve been lying in this bed for a week,” I pointed out, trying not to be overenthusiastic.

He groaned. “Don’t remind me. I need to bathe.” He stretched out the last word to enunciate his point, and I knew I had him hooked. Mwahaha! Mugen struck again!

“This inn has a hot spring that we can use. I can make sure that Ichi has it clear,” I suggested.

He rubbed the scruff on his chin though there was hardly any there and contemplated on my idea. I waited hopefully. He should be well enough now, and the bath would soothe any aches and pains…

Finally, he nodded slowly. “Alright.” He moved to get up from the bed before eyeing me. Perhaps my joy had been too obvious. “Do not think I don’t know what you are trying to do.”

I rolled my eyes and handed him a robe to throw over his naked body. As much as I wanted to see that pale skin… I didn’t want anyone else to. Mine… he was mine.

“You want that bath or not?” I snorted at him, raising an eyebrow.

He eyed me then nodded slowly. “Let’s go.”

I took him to the hot springs and was glad to find that the place was deserted. While he was getting undressed and slipping beneath the still waters, I snuck away for a moment to make sure Ichi kept the area clear for at least an hour. Then I patted the bottle of oil that I had placed in my pocket and returned to the hot springs.

I wished that I hadn’t missed all that porcelain skin lowering slowly into the water, but there would be other chances. I quickly stripped off my clothes as I climbed into the warmth next to him. Jin had relaxed as well as he could even as I knew that his wounds stung. He had let his hair loose, and his eyes were closed. In the few minutes that I had been gone, he had even managed to shave.

I scooted closer to him and laid my head on his shoulder. It felt so good and so right. Time for seduction.

“I could help you wash your hair, you know,” I suggested quietly.

“Umm,” he murmured as he leaned his head to the side and nuzzled me gently. I loved it when he did that. “That would be nice.”

I smiled and slid off the ledge beneath the water and grabbed his hand. He allowed me to lead him to the deeper part of the spring. The cool air prickled at my warm, moist skin but it was a pleasant contrast. I mean, how much more romantic can you get? Moon all bright in the sky with the stars twinkling and the mist from the hot springs rising to join with the jewels above… gah! Listen to me… like some love crazed fool.

I rubbed his shoulders, and his head lolled back. He was relaxing… this was good. I laid his head and started to rub my fingers through his hair, working the water into it and getting out the tangles and dirt that had accumulated there. He moaned lightly.

“Problem?” I questioned him, knowing it was anything but.

“That feels damn good,” he murmured.

I didn’t reply but continued to run my fingers through his hair. I could literally feel the tension seeping away from his body. To be honest, mine was fading too. It was like there was nothing in the world but us two, and, as sappy as that sounds, I won’t deny the truth of how I felt.

I finished washing his hair then wrapped my arms around him from the back. I gently ground my hips against his ass as I nipped at the sensitive skin on his neck. I let him feel the effect he had on me. I licked at the area of skin directly behind his ear and heard him moan in response.

“Mugen…” I loved it when he said my name like that. It always felt like I was the only person in the world who could make him come undone.

I snaked my hand to his front and found a pinkish nipple. I rolled the slowly hardening nub between my fingertips and relished in the swift intake of breath I heard him take in.

“You are such a tease,” he murmured, suddenly turning around and throwing his arms around me as he kissed me. There was something about him being aggressive that was a major turn on for me. I guess because he’s normally stoic and quiet.

He pressed his lips to mine before he slipped his tongue inside. I hurriedly tried to take control. I wanted to be inside him this time, not the other way around. Don’t get me wrong, Jin can fuck me like no other, but this time I wanted to be the one in control. I pushed my own tongue back on his, deepening the kiss and using my intensity as a weapon. He backed down, and I won the battle.

I snaked my arms around him and grabbed his ass, kneading the flesh with my fingers. I could feel my own arousal deepening even as his rubbed against my belly. I slipped one hand between the two globes and traced circles around his entrance.

He moaned at my touch and broke free of the kiss, moving to nip lazily at my jawbone and neck. “Fuck me, Mugen,” he whispered in a voice too seductive to ignore against my throat right before he latched on and sucked at my skin, leaving a bright red mark behind him.

I whimpered then, and ground my hips against him even as I slipped the one finger inside, hoping the water was enough lubricant. Our cocks rubbed together, and I moaned with the delicious friction. I tried to be careful of his wounds as I ran my free hand over his skin while I continued to stretch and prepare him.

He reached down between our bodies and grasped my cock, and I nearly stopped thinking. To have him touching me was a sensation I had missed.

“Yes,” I moaned as I slipped in a second finger, trailing feather light kisses over his face. I skimmed over the wound in his forehead, unable to help the dark thoughts that briefly entered my mind. Any lower, any higher… I didn’t even want to contemplate that.

His teeth grazed over my jawbone then his hot breath whispered in my ear. He was so damn sexy. I pushed hard at him, reaching deep inside until I touched gold. He moaned low and throaty, even as he ground his hips into mine more forcefully, aching for my touch. He trembled in my arms from the pleasant sensations echoing through his body, and I couldn’t help but think I felt the same way.

I grabbed his hips with my hand and gave them a gentle squeeze. He took my meaning and wrapped his legs around my hips. He wasn’t that heavy in the water, and I took the opportunity to sort walk/wade him towards where our clothes and towels were waiting. There was the perfect ledge for screwing there.

He kissed me softly on the lips before tangling his hands in my hair and grinding himself down on my hot and heavy cock. I could feel myself sliding along the cleft of his ass… so close but yet so far. I groaned and buried my face in his shoulder as I hurried to the ledge.

“You drive me mad with want,” he said huskily in my ear. “I want you inside me, so deep I can feel you in my throat.” I moaned again. I was done for. Jin was talking dirty and there was nothing more arousing than hearing words like that coming out of his oh-so-refined mouth. “I want to moan so loud every one else can hear.” Oh, baby.

I laid him gently on the ledge atop a pile of my clothes I had so thoughtfully placed there before, careful of his back wound. His skin glistened in the moon light almost glowing as pale as he was and he shivered slightly as a cool wind ghosted over his water slicked skin. I leaned forwards over his body and between his legs to lock him in a sizzling kiss, determined to warm him up as I searched for my pants and the pocket where I had secreted the oil.

Just as I had wrapped my fingers around it, Jin put his legs about my waist and drew me close, grinding our cocks together and making me moan with desire. I hurriedly pulled back just enough and hurriedly uncapped the bottle, the smell of green herbs filling the air, jasmine or something. Hell, if I know. I poured the cool liquid out onto my fingers and affixed him with a grin. I could tell he was staring as I covered my length with the slippery substance. He watched hungrily and his own cock jumped in response. Precum glistened at the tip, and I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to lick it.

I stuck out my tongue and very carefully lapped up the small drop of moisture even as I reached between his legs to coat his entrance with the oil. I had to balance on one hand as I leaned forward and gently ran my tongue over his aching member. He moaned as his hands scrabbled at the rock and scattered clothes, looking for a purchase. If we had been in a bed, he’d have been grabbing the sheets.

He tasted so good… and I couldn’t help wrapping my mouth around him, nearly swallowing him whole. I felt him arch up from the makeshift bed and buck gently into my mouth. I ran my tongue along the underside of his member and tightened the ring my lips made.

Jin whimpered then, a sound that I rather enjoyed hearing him make. I pulled back with a satisfied pop and grabbed his hips lightly. I slowly started to lower myself, aiming for that puckered entrance. He tightened his legs around me and I felt the head of my cock at the ring of muscle. I closed my eyes to savor the feeling as I slowly pushed myself inside of him, moaning low and long when I felt his tight warm heat wrap around me.

I could feel him squeezing me reflexively even as my cock pulsated in response.

“Damn, Jin…” I huffed as I fully ensheathed myself. “You feel so good.”

“As do you,” he responded. I opened my eyes and looked down at him, black hair fanning his face and pale skin all glowing and glistening. He was beautiful, and I don’t normally call men beautiful. But why deny the truth?

I began to move slowly in and out of him, setting a steady pace that was sure to bring him the ultimate pleasure. It took all of my concentration to hold back, as excited as I was feeling.

I leaned over him and pressed my lips to his, slipping my tongue inside his mouth and absorbing his flavor. I could feel his legs tighten around mine more even as I increased my movements and crushed his straining cock between our bodies, using the slick heat of my movement to give him the much needed friction.

His heavy breathing echoed in my ear as I breathed in the scent of him. He was alive that was all that mattered and the feel of him wriggling and moaning beneath me was all the proof that I needed. I knew I loved him… but I realized it more and more when I had thought he was gone.

His arms wrapped around me, and his fingers dug into my back as he urged me onwards, unaware of the emotional swirl that was going on inside me. I could hear him gasping with each thrust, and it only served as fuel for the fire.

I moved from his mouth to nibble on his ear and shifted position, hitting him at a different angle that stroked his pleasure center absolutely perfect. He whimpered and clutched at me with renewed vigor as he began to buck upwards, matching me thrust for thrust.

“Mine,” I whispered raggedly in his ear. I was staking my claim. “MINE.”

“Oh, gods, Mugen,” he answered in a voice just as rough. “Gods, harder!”

I picked up the pace and repeated my assertion. “Mine.”

He was getting louder now, and I smiled happily. Good. I wanted everyone to know. “Yes,” he moaned. “Yes, yours.” He was clinging to me now, as if I were a lifeline, as I drove into him.

He strained up against me, and I felt the impossible hot heat wrapped around my cock grow tighter. He was close, and I was struggling to hold on. He felt too damn good.

“Ah… Mugen!!” he roared before exploding between our bodies, covering the both of us in a spray of sticky cum. I couldn’t hold on any more and allowed myself to let go albeit a bit more quietly.

“Love you,” I moaned as I came, filling him inside with my seed and claiming him even more than with words. I had marked him as my own, and I would kill anyone else that dared lay a hand on him. I could be very selfish with my belongings.

I collapsed against him, rolling to the side just enough that he wasn’t crushed beneath my weight and breathed heavily. He tightened his hold on me and held me close.

“I love it when you do that,” he whispered softly.

“Eh?” I questioned, not really sure what he was talking about.

He nuzzled against my neck and sighed quietly. “When you say you love me as you cum. Its easier for me to believe then; don’t ask me to explain it.”

“You’re such an idiot,” I retorted. “It’s the truth no matter when I say it.” But that didn’t stop me from feeling all fuzzy inside and holding him even closer than he had gripped me. He was right though. There was something unbelievably romantic about that moment. Rough though I may have been, I was a hopeless romantic, which explained the hot springs and the mist and the moon and all that lovey dovey mess.

“Humph,” he answered in a voice dripping with sleep. “Love you, too.”

He blinked drowsily, and I realized that despite how much he had healed, he still needed some rest. So I quickly dipped us in the hot springs just long enough to get cleaned up and wrapped him in a towel. It was sort of cute how he stood there all sleepily and yawned widely.

There were no more words spoken as I gathered up our clothing and headed inside, straight for our room. There really hadn’t been a need for any.

Nor were any needed when we climbed into bed together dressed only in a light pair of pants each. He laid beside me and curled up, resting his head on my chest as I wrapped an arm around him. I mean really, what more could a guy ask for except perhaps world peace and happiness. Then again, I didn’t really care for the peace of others. Needless to say, I was content.

Two seconds later and he was asleep. I yawned and figured I would join him in slumber land. If only I had been more attentive like I was usually I would have noticed the things that were out of place. I would have noticed that Ichi was no where to be found as we trekked to our room.

And I would have awakened when our door opened quietly and a dark shadow crept inside.


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