Batman and Superman

A Prelude to Discipline
Superman/Batman: Justice League Universe
Rated: T
Desc: In which Batman is not amused and Superman has no shame. Vaguely references the episode The Savage Time.

Cardboard World
Justice League. Superman/Batman.
Rated: M
Desc: Short story. Peace is only ever a pipe dream, and there are some battles not even the Justice League can win.
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Superman/Batman: Justice League verse, Big Bang Fic
Rated: M
Desc: Fic. In which the man who’s faster than a speeding bullet, is pretty slow on the uptake. Bruce corrects this problem the only way he knows how.

Same Old Story
Superman/Batman. Smallville/Justice League mashup.
Rated: M
Desc: When a team of unfamiliar supervillains start wreaking havoc in Washington DC, Batman immediately suspects Lex Luthor, until he discovers that they are ghosts of Smallville past. Ghosts with a thirst for vengeance against Superman.

Simply Irresistible
Justice League Animated Universe
Rated: T
Desc: Clark is both creative and persistent. He’s also, much to Bruce’s dismay, irresistible.