Rated: T
Desc: SkyfirexHot Rod.
Being lost isn’t so frightening if someone is there beside you.

Almost Lover
Rated: T
Desc: Starscream is Ratchet’s past and present, but he’s no longer convinced the Seeker is his future.

Rated: M
Desc: Trailbreaker/Sideswipe/Sunstreaker.
Sideswipe’s in a snit, Sunstreaker refuses to apologize, and Trailbreaker plays the peacemaker. All in all, business as usual.

A Tempest in a Teapot
Rated: T
Desc: SunstreakerxHot Rod.
Sunstreaker and Hot Rod’s arguments are the stuff of legend. Well, Autobot legend anyway.

Rated: M
Desc: Grimlock/Optimus.
The hardest part was admitting what he wanted and asking for it.

Be My Escape
Rated: M
Desc: Skywarp/Optimus.
Here in this room, with the collar on, Skywarp was only Skywarp, and it was that much easier to surrender to the desires of his spark.

Both of Us
Rated: T
Desc: Red Alert/Bluestreak.
Red Alert is not the only one who pushes himself beyond his limits.

Case In Point
Rated: M
Desc: Sometimes, having Sunstreaker for a twin can be exhausting.

Damaged Goods
Rated: T
Desc: Ratchet is stubborn, but Red Alert doesn’t play fair.

Days Like Masquerades
Rated: M
Desc: Vortex is not himself, nor the mech he remembers, or the mech he thinks he should be.

Good Vibrations
Rated: M
Desc: Sunstreaker/Trailbreaker.
Trailbreaker could continue as far as Sunstreaker would let him, which in all their months of playing, had not yet found a limit.

Rated: M
Desc: OptimusxWheeljack.
Sometimes, we don’t see the light, but that’s okay.

Jazz’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Vacation
Rated: T
Desc: Vacations were supposed to help you relax. Somehow, Jazz missed that memo.

Lust and Loathing
Rated: M
Desc: Hook hates Ratchet, everything about Ratchet, and Hook especially hates how he can’t stop wanting Ratchet.
(Hook/Ratchet, Commission for Jenn)

Mirror, Mirror
Rated: M
Desc: Bluestreak/Sunstreaker.
Sometimes, all Sunstreaker wants is to put himself in someone else’s capable handss.

Naughty Knotty
Rated: M
Desc: Optimus has a desire that Grimlock is all too happy to fill.

Only if for a Night
Rated: M
Desc: RatchetxSideswipe.
Because Ratchet once asked and Sideswipe has never forgotten that novelty. Or that honor.

Operation: Berthtime Story
Rated: T
Desc: Ratchet sees a group of new recruits waiting for their induction, and it’s an opportunity he can’t pass up. Plus, Sideswipe and Jazz owe him a favor.
Commission Fic for thoughtsdemise

Rumor Has It
Rated: M
Desc: Ratchet/Sideswipe/Sunstreaker.
Sideswipe and Sunstreaker’s reputation preceded them. Amusingly, so did Ratchet’s.
Gift-fic for fuzipenguin.

Scare Tactics
Rated: T
Desc: Starscream was quite sure the resident pranksters were to blame for the sticky, rainbow mess that sent him stomping to the washracks.
Giftfic for thoughtsdemise

Shatter Me
Rated: M
Desc: Somehow, it happened. But Sunstreaker would worry about tomorrow when it actually came. Right here, right now, there was only today. (Sideswipe/Sunstreaker)
Commission for fuzipenguin.

Sing Along
Rated: T
Desc: BeachcomberxPerceptor.
Beachcomber has a hypothesis and Perceptor is a most willing test subject.

Sweet Nothing
Rated: T
Desc: Red AlertxInferno. Red AlertxBluestreak.
Mechs changed. And while Inferno promised to do so, Red Alert already had.

The Last of Us
Rated: T
Desc: No one remembered what had been the last straw, but by the end, it didn’t matter anymore. (Bluestreak/Jazz)

They Say Surrender
Rated: M
Desc: OnslaughtxBlast Off.
Onslaught was patient. Methodical. Cold. Brilliant. He was everything that Blast Off could ever admire in a mech.

Unsung Heroes
Rated: K+
Desc: There were times Hoist was envious of Ratchet’s skill. And then there were times he was most glad not to be in Ratchet’s place.

White Lies
Rated: T
Desc: Prowl/Ratchet.
There are no lies between them. Just the truths he’ll never tell.

Wired Life
Rated: M
Not knowing is half the fun. Featuring a made up Cybertronian holiday as an excuse for porn and a very unrepentant Jazz.