[Shattered] Children


Falling Inside the Black

Poisoned Rationality

Interlude One: Worth the Wait

The Ache of Denial

Embrace Nothing

Interlude Two: And Baby Makes Three

A Cold, Hard Rain

Shadow of the Day

Interlude Three: Finding Home

Acrid Oblivion

The Shame of Defeat

Interlude Four: Stunted Motion

The Twilight Hour

Complaints of Violence

Interlude Five: The Cost of Sympathy

A Flash of Calamity


Interlude Six: Bedshaped

Fall From Grace

Delusions of Grandeur

Interlude Seven: This is the Last Time

A Bittersweet Requiem

Perfect Dirge

Interlude Eight: Heaven’s Not Enough

Crashing On the Shore

Second String

Interlude Nine: Melody of Memories


Bring the Columns Down

Epilogue: 500 Years Later