Flights of Fancy

Harpyformers Verse


Sweet Surrender
Rated: M
Characters: Megatron/Rodimus, Soundwave
Desc: Megatron’s daydreaming leads to a surprise for Rodimus involving a little bit of his favorite treat, and a lot of courting romance. Win-win.

Take Me Home
Rated: G
Characters: Megatron/Rodimus, Grimlock/Misfire
Desc: Rodimus returns from Gathering with a surprise, one that opens new worries for Megatron, and puts their relationship to the test.

Top of the Sky

A Collection of Shorter Fics

Trick or Treat
Rated: G
Characters: Blurr, Starscream
Desc: The dietary needs of humans and harpies are very, very different.

A Mouthful
Characters: Megatron/Rodimus
Rated: M
Desc: Rodimus greatly enjoyed turning his bara-mate into a puddle of need.

Beyond Beauty
Characters: Soundwave/Sunstreaker/Sideswipe
Rated: M
Desc: Soundwave had never seen either of his mates, but he knew they were beautiful nonetheless.

Fired Up
Characters: Blurr/Starscream/Ratchet
Rated: M
Desc: Starscream didn’t warn Blurr about the fireberries, and now he and Ratchet have a mess on their hands.

Characters: Rodimus/Starscream
Rated: M
Desc: Rodimus was an absolute delight, Starscream decided. And fun to play with as well.

Practical Action
Characters: Rodimus/Starscream
Rated: M
Desc: Rodimus needs practice. Starscream is happy to volunteer.

Wet and Wild
Characters: Blurr, Starscream
Rated: T
Desc: Starscream stumbles upon a movie that he should not be watching, in Blurr’s opinion