In a universe where flight-frames rule the surface, ground-frames fear the sun and the sky and open spaces. Because to go above ground means exposure and death. Some of the less fortunate suffer worse. Here, the Seekers worship the Winglord upon the sunthrone, the living regent of the sun-goddess Solus.

But there is a prophecy, passed down by the ground-dwelling followers of Primus, that claims a savior will come, a Prime chosen by the very hands of Primus, to one day make the entire planet safe for all who live there.

In this universe, young Orion Pax dares venture into the Seeker-ruled land, thus setting the course of history into motion…

The Winglord’s Gift
Rated: R
Desc: Taken by Skywarp, Orion is presented to the Winglord to keep as a toy.

Training Day
Rated: NC-17
Desc: (Command Trine/Orion Pax)
They’ve had him for a week and Orion begins to wonder if they ever intend to free him.

In The Dark
Rated: NC-17
Desc: Orion worried that he was getting used to them, that by the end, he would only be a shadow of his former self.

The Wicked Game
Rated: NC-17
Desc: Megatronus leaves the safety of the underground to search for his missing friend and gets more than he bargained for when he comes into the path of the Winglord and his trine.

Rated: M
Desc: Skyfire receives a summons from his Winglord, and is appalled by what he sees.

Nobody’s Home
Rated: M
Desc: Kup and Ironhide discover that their ward is missing, and that’s not something they’re going to accept lying down, no matter what their Magnus says.