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  1. “Hunted,” Steve Jablonsky, AOE Soundtrack
  2. “My Demons,” Starset
  3. “Toward the End,” Within Temptation
  4. “Mad World,” Gary Jules
  5. “Forsaken,” Disturbed
  6. “Dance with the Devil,” Breaking Benjamin
  7. “Blood On My Name,” The Brothers Bright
  8. “Head Above Water,” Theory of a Dead Man
  9. “Toy Soldiers,” Martika
  10. “The Host of Seraphim,” Dead Can Dance
  11. “Battle Cry,” Imagine Dragons
  12. “Ticking Bomb,” Aloe Blacc
  13. “Dear Agony,” Breaking Benjamin
  14. “This is War,” 30 Seconds to Mars
  15. “The Scar,” Broken Iris
  16. “Iridescent,” Linkin Park
  17. “What A Wonderful World,” Joseph William Morgan
  18. “Safe and Sound,” Taylor Swift ft The Civil Wars