Crown the Empire

G1/IDW/smatterings of Bayverse
Rated: NC-17
Desc: For Optimus, the war has never been personal. Hate has never been part of the equation, not even for Megatron. Pity perhaps, but never hate. Now, with the weight of shame on his shoulders, he begins to understand where loathing might have its roots, and how it can so easily slide into hate.

Rated: M
Desc: Megatron is dead, and Grimlock has claimed rulership of the Decepticons, where falling for his new Air Commander becomes an unexpected bonus. But there are some who disagree with his ascension, and intend to return the Decepticons to the status quo. Even if it means killing everyone who stands in their way.

Rated: NC-17
Desc: It is peace, but not quite. As Optimus struggles to recover from the scars Megatron left behind, he faces an uphill battle against old grudges and frightening ambitions. He is not alone in this fight, however, as his Autobots remain loyal, and Optimus discovers support and comfort are a lot closer than he expects.

Side Fics

Empty Promises
Rated: M
Desc: Ratchet knew it was never going to be okay again. (Ratchet/Constructicons, during Oubliette)

With All Due Respect
Rated: K+
Desc: Knock Out could not remember a time he’d been more surprised. (Post Reign and Salvage)

Thieves Like Us
Rated: M
Desc: Ficlet series. Bumblebee/Rumble. Before the war. Before Soundwave. Before Optimus Prime. There was Rumble, Bumblebee, and a chance encounter that was the kind of stupid drivel born of cheap romance novels.
(Stray)(Paint)(Goodies)(Higher)(Cleaning Service)

The Royal We
Rated: M
Desc: How to train your T-Rex. Or alternately, How to Tame your Jet. A collection of short fics featuring Grimlock and Starscream, set in the Crown the Empire universe but don’t quite fit in the canon run.
(To the Limit)(Small Steps)(Challenge Accepted)(Safeword)(Checkmate)(Quite Contrary)(Tomfoolery)(Uh Oh)(Switching Things Up)(Pause)

Before and After
Rated: M
Desc: Before the war, during the rage, and after the silence. A collection of love and lust and everything in between, featuring pairings and partners set at all points during the timeline.
(Knotted Up)(Infection)