Truth in Advertising

Truth in Advertising
Master List

The First Offer
Desc: Starscream walks into Blurr’s bar with the idea of an offer Blurr is too curious to outright refuse.

Into the Fire
Desc: Blurr ruminates. Jazz incites. Starscream wins.

Banking the Flames
Desc: Blurr always comes out on top, not that Starscream minds.

Fire Up
Desc: The morning after. The cast grows.

Desc: Starscream’s intentions are revealed.

Mouth on Fire
Desc: Blurr makes his choice and strikes a deal.

Desc: Starscream invites himself into Blurr’s apartment for the sake of negotiation.

Terms of Service
Desc: Blurr and Starscream discuss the particulars of their agreement.

Desc: Trouble brews in New Iacon as Starscream and Blurr announce their partnership.

Desc: Motivations are called into question and unsurprisingly, both Blurr and Starscream are less than forthcoming with the truth.

Rumor Has It
Desc: Swindle fishes for information and Blurr comes out feeling a bit cheated. All in a day’s work.

Desc: An agitated Starscream drops by for a visit and Blurr is nominated to, ahem, deal with him.

Morning After
Desc: Blurr and Starscream slept together. Literally.

Desc: Starscream is evasive, Blurr gets angry, and Jazz delivers a warning. Things just got a lot more complicated.

Desc: Starscream ruminates. Rattrap finally has a name. Jazz swings by to flirt.

Desc: Blurr fumes, Swindle smirks, and Starscream kind of admits he was wrong. But not really.

Wrecking Ball
Desc: Blurr arrives at Starscream’s for their scheduled chat, and is shocked by the surprise Starscream has for him.

Good Intent
Desc: Another morning after, and Blurr confronts Starscream for some truth.

Fire Bomb
Desc: Blurr is understaffed and Starscream loves to hear himself talk. Meanwhile, Obsidian finally makes a move.

Dreams on Fire
Desc: The aftermath of the explosion as Starscream tries to control the chaos and ends up giving away far more than he meant.

Fear on Fire
Desc: Blurr wakes up, and as expected, he’s rather angry. Starscream and Jazz deal with the fall out.

Battle for the Sun
Desc: Blurr and Starscream hold a press conference, and display a united front.

Burning Up
Desc: Blurr is a mess, and it’s all Starscream’s fault.

The Wicked Game
Desc: Starscream had not planned for this. Neither had Blurr.

Courtesy Call
Desc: Starscream makes a deal with Bumblebee and the Autobots. Blurr stumbles upon one of Starscream’s secrets.

Everybody Lies
Desc: Blurr confronts Starscream about what he found in the Seeker’s basement, and lines are drawn.

Lost Boys
Desc: Blurr seeks advice from Jazz, while Starscream deals with the fear his world will come crashing down.

Desc: Starscream returns home, expecting nothing, and is surprised when Blurr has something important to say.

Swallow My Bullet
Desc: The morning after, a conversation is had, and Starscream’s newest confession tests the limits of Blurr’s resolve.

Back to Normal Desc: Routines are established. Wheeljack announces himself to the world. And Obsidian makes another move.

Desc: In the wake of Obsidian’s second attack, Starscream makes a decision that may ruin everything.

Amongst Thieves
Desc: Starscream seeks out Soundwave to ask for his assistance.

Fire Meets Gasoline
Desc: Wheeljack teases Blurr, and Blurr comes to a revelation about his feelings for Starscream.

Lover. Fighter. 
Desc: Starscream’s newest task force meets, and the mystery surrounding Fasttrack is finally revealed.

Trust In Me
Desc: A new lead on Obsidian is discovered.

Broken Crown
Desc: Mirage and Rattrap’s reconnaissance yields startling information.

World on Fire
Desc: Blurr finds out that Starscream’s been taken in the worst way possible.

Holes in the Sky
Desc: With Jazz, Mirage, Rattrap, Ravage and Wheeljack to help him, Blurr puts together the pieces and figures out where Obsidian is hiding.

Sing Me To Sleep
Desc: Trapped in Obsidian’s clutches, Starscream waits for his moment to strike.

The Sound of Silence
Desc: Starscream’s words echo in his head, and Blurr is faced with the realization it may be too late.

End of the Storm
Desc: Starscream wakes up and finds his entire world has changed, for better and for worse.

Toward the Sun
Desc: Moving forward after Obsidian’s attack, Blurr and Starscream get cuddly until Blurr has to leave to interview new bartenders.

Man in the Mirror
Desc: Starscream visits his new office, has a talk with Rattrap, and attends a meeting with his new council.

Feel the Light
Desc: Blurr’s dating Starscream. Jazz has a crush. And here Wheeljack is, trying to wire flashing lights into a control panel. Ain’t nothing what anyone could have expected.

Defying Gravity
Desc: A memorial in progress, a speech no one will ever forget, a bar’s grand opening, and dancing with his partner — the perfect day.

Subliminal Messages (Blurr/Star Side Fics)

Desc: Starscream wakes up Blurr in a very unpleasant way.

Desc: Starscream’s request makes Blurr nervous, but he’s not the one left shaken by the end.

The Art of Losing
Desc: Blurr should have known better. But he continued to stick around because Starscream was an addiction he couldn’t cure.

Lights Fade Low
Desc: Blurr is quite the alluring temptation who Starscream can’t resist.

Desc: It was the sweetest torment imaginable.

Desc: If Blurr could get Starscream to purr, he knew he could convince the overworking Seeker to linger for more than an hour.

Set. Bait. Trap.
Desc: Starscream buys a gift for Blurr, and concocts an elaborate plan to present it to him.

A Dream Worth Keeping
Desc: This is the first anniversary Starscream has wanted to celebrate. He can only hope he hasn’t screwed it up.

Desc: An unexpected peek into Starscream’s distant past leads to a night of passion neither of them are ever going to forget.

A Little Worship
Desc: Fortunately, Blurr had all night to convince this gorgeous package to unwrap himself.

Desc: Starscream wakes up with Blurr still inside him, which sounds like a perfect opportunity.

Slices of Life [1] [2] [3]
Desc: Ficlet Collection. Tiny tales of the ups and downs and in-betweens of Starscream and Blurr’s blossoming relationship during the course of the entire Truth in Advertising series.

Under the Table (Other Canon Fics)

Lust or Loathing
Characters: Starscream/Jazz
Pre-TIA Canon
Desc: Starscream didn’t know which it was existed between them.

The Scent of Your Intent
Characters: Mirage/Rattrap
Post-TIA #45
Desc: Mirage smelled of sweetness and desperation and lies. Rattrap couldn’t get enough.

Of Loyalty
Characters: Jazz, Prowl
During TIA #44/45
Desc: Jazz and Prowl have disagreed on many things. It comes as no surprise that supporting Starscream is another in a long, long list.

Seven Minutes in Heaven
Characters: Bluestreak/Jazz, Blurr
Post-TIA, Pre-Raise the Bar
Desc: This is entirely Starscream’s fault. And as soon as Jazz escapes this closet, he’s going to make Starscream pay. He only has to survive being this close to Bluestreak without making a fool of himself…



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  3. “Clarity,” Zedd
  4. “Chandelier,” Sia
  5. “Trust In Me,” Scarlett Johannsen
  6. “Wicked Game,” Ursine Vulpine ft Annaca
  7. “Fire Meets Gasoline,” Sia
  8. “Everybody Lies,” Jason Walker
  9. “I Found,” Amber Run
  10. “Dead V,” Nightcall ft Dreamhour

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