Play By Numbers

Play By Numbers
Rated: M
Desc: Rodimus is the Prime that never was. Starscream is the leader no one wanted. Together, they just might be enough, at least for each other.

(1) Scars and Souvenirs
(2) Lies for the Liars
(3) Epilogue

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Place For My Head
RID, pre-Dark Cybertron
Rated: M
Desc: There were all kinds of vices in the universe, ways to cope or forget, and Jazz had spent his nights in one berth or another, indulging in his. He never would have thought he’d find a kindred spirit in Bluestreak.
(Commission, Bluestreak/Jazz)

A Steady Hand
Rated: M
Desc: Sometimes, you just had to take one for the team. So when an overworked, overstressed Seeker starts ranting to invisible things, his Chief of Security decides it’s high time he steps up to the plate. (Ironhide/Starscream)

Rated: T
Desc: Bluestreak didn’t know Rodimus all that well, but he knew a broken spark when he saw one, and that was something he couldn’t ignore.

Glitter and Gold
Rated: M
Desc: Back from another trip around the galaxy, Rodimus arrives with a surprise for Starscream that stops him in his tracks.
(Based on this art by shhh–quiet)

Rules of Engagement
Rated: M
Desc: Long distance relationships are hard enough without the added addition of war-turned-peace baggage. Somehow, Rodimus and Starscream manage to make it work.

  1. Call Me, Definitely
  2. Praise


  1. “Stay the Night,” Zedd
  2. “Just a Fool,” Christina Aguilera ft Blake Shelton
  3. “Worlds Apart,” Seven Lions ft Kerli
  4. “Glitter and Gold,” Barns Courtney
  5. “Fire Meets Gasoline,” Sia
  6. “Unsteady,” X-Ambassadors
  7. “I hate you, I love you,” gnash ft Olivia O’Brien