[G1] Behind the Scenes

01. Break-Time : It wasn’t the first time Ironhide had walked in on one of their scenes, and he knew it wasn’t going to be the last either.

02. Public Obedience : Wheeljack didn’t know if not seeing anything made it worse or better. Either way, he was enraptured.

03. Daydreams : He doesn’t want to keep Prowl. That’s not what it’s about. But sometimes, he does like to pretend.

04. Over the Edge: Wheeljack is more than happy to accept Ratchet and Prowl’s invitations, but sometimes, he just doesn’t understand them.

05: The New Mission: Ironhide has a concern, but Prowl is ever the distracting picture, one too enticing to resist.

06: The Importance of Trust: Bluestreak has a little chat with Ratchet, while misbehavior from Prowl puts Blue’s relationship with Jazz in a whole new light.

07: When Opportunity Knocks: Bluestreak and Jazz discuss the invitation Ratchet offered them, while Jazz tries to be as enticing as possible.

08: Take Five: Ironhide considers there’s no luckier mech, when Bluestreak invites him to watch as he and Jazz indulge in a very special kink.

09: Show and Tell: It’s all fun and games, until the game gets boring, and then the fun can really begin. Monopoly has never been so saucy.

10: GenerosityIronhide gets invited for another session with Bluestreak and Jazz, and this time, as an even more active participant.

11: Good BoyIt is the rarest of play they indulge in, but one of the most important, for Ratchet’s peace of mind, and Prowl’s peace of spark.