[IDW] Unapologetic

It was decidedly unfair.

Starscream muffled another moan against his knuckles, denta grinding over his fingers as he struggled to keep quiet. Meanwhile, a long and agile glossa wound around his spike, stroking him perfectly, the tapered tip occasionally poking at his transfluid slit and teasing him with channel penetration.

His hips bucked, thighs quivering, array pulsing waves of scorching heat. Deathsaurus crouched in front of him like an avenging beast, his massive hands curled around Starscream’s thighs, keeping him spread and open. They were gentle, for all they held him firmly in place for Death’s oral assault.

Starscream’s wings fluttered. He leaned further back onto the communication console, struggling to buck up into Deathsaurus’ mouth but the commander’s grip preventing him from doing so.

Deathsaurus’ denta scraped along his spike, base to tip, his glossa laving an electric path of pleasure.

Starscream whimpered.

The access panel to the door chimed. Then beeped. Then denied access to whomever was on the other side.

Starscream froze. Deathsaurus’ sucked him deep and let Starscream linger in his intake, tubing squeezing at the tip of Starscream’s spike.

The panel beeped in the negative again. Someone was trying very hard to get inside. But no one could override Deathsaurus’ overrides.

Except Leozack.

“Hey!” Starscream shoved at Deathsaurus’ helm, even as four sets of optics turned up to look at him — creepy, but effective.

Deathsaurus had the nerve to smirk around Starscream’s spike, half his altmode optics flicked in a wink, and then he swallowed Starscream again.

A whine eked out of Starscream’s intake. He tipped his head back, drawing air through his denta.

The panel denied access again. And then it glowed a baleful orange, permanently locking out the person on the other side. Not Leozack then.

Thank Primus.

Deathsaurus chuckled, the vibrations taunting the tip of Starscream’s spike. The arrogant aft.

“You’ll pay for that later,” Starscream muttered, though it was less convincing when his wings shivered and his spike throbbed.

Deathsaurus smirked again, as if to say ‘I doubt it’ and given the way his glossa worked Starscream’s spike, the way his fingers flexed around Starscream’s thighs, he was probably right.


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