[G1] Taking Care of Business

Of all the things Elita expects to see on the secret camera feed she’d had Greenlight hack, Shockwave getting stuffed up the valve by some kind of metallic tentacled thing is not on the list.

Lancer gasps. Chromia leers. Greenlight has the gall to activate the Primus-forsaken zoom, until there’s nothing on the screen but Shockwave’s twitching frame and the writhing tentacles around it.

“What is he doing?” Lancer asks, horror etched into her face.

“Taking care of business, if you ask me,” Chromia says with a laugh.

“I’m jealous. That looks like fun,” Moonracer chimes in.

“Why’s he get all the good toys?” Firestar pouts.

“Fun!” Lancer repeats, close to a shriek. All the color’s drained from her face. “He’s interfacing with a… a….”

“I dunno what that is,” Chromia says. “But old one optic sure looks like he’s enjoying himself.”

“Quintesson spawn maybe,” Greenlight says categorically. A few key presses and the image clarifies, highlighting just how lubricated Shockwave is and how much it glistens.

The zoom focuses on a very thick tentacle with circular bulges. It plunges into Shockwave, pushing deep, and then proceeds to pump. The spheres vanish into Shockwave one by one.

“What is it doing?” Lancer demands. She’s backed away from the screen now.

Firestar laughs and leans closer, her optics bright. “I never took Shockwave for one with carrier longing, but I guess it takes all kinds, huh?”

“They’re eggs, Lancie,” Greenlight says with a shrug. “I mean, probably. Rumor has it the Quints propagated using them.”

Shockwave’s abdominal armor begins to visibly bulge. The tentacle continues to pump more spheres into him. Yet, he makes no move to make it stop. If anything, he looks to be enjoying himself immensely.

“Gross,” Lancer says. She shudders.

“Which part? Shockwave or the eggs?” Chromia snickers.

“I’ll bet they are so big.” Moonracer shivers.

“Probably press so good over all those nodes, ya think?” Firestar chimes in.

Primus help them.

“Enough,” Elita says and leans over Greenlight’s shoulder, pressing the button to disengage their access. “Clearly this secure feed is not showing us anything of use.”

Chromia leers again. “Except that the purple boob must be getting lonely up in that tower of his.”

“I could use one of those things, if you ask me,” Moonracer says dreamily.

Lancer makes a gagging noise.

Elita sighs. She claps her hands together. “All right everyone. Back to business.” She shoos them away from the monitor. “We still have work to do.”

“So does Shockwave apparently,” Firestar says in a not at all whisper to Chromia. They laugh.

Elita sighs again.


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