[IDW] A Little Bit More

Rodimus whined, and didn’t care that he’d made such an embarrassing noise. His hips pumped into the hands teasing his array, his node throbbing and his spike dribbling freely.

“Don’t overload now,” Blurr said with a wicked cant to his voice. He purred in Rodimus’ audial, nuzzling against the back of his helm. “We’re supposed to be working on your control, remember?”

Rodimus groaned, his helm tilting back against Blurr’s shoulder. His thighs trembled where they were splayed across Blurr’s, his entire array bared and open. His hands had been bound beneath his spoiler, to keep him from touching himself and snatching the overload that hovered around the corner.

“I’m not going to last if you don’t stop touching me,” he gasped. His hips bucked again, fire singing through his lines and curling in his groin.

Blurr pinched the tip of his spike, hard enough to sting. “Yes, you will,” he said with a confidence that he surely brought from his racing days. “You’re going to hold back because you know that when I finally let you overload, it’ll be so much better.” He nibbled on Rodimus’ audial, wet and hot.

Rodimus gnawed on his bottom lip. His hands drew into his fists. He fought against the tight coil in his belly, the restless grasp of his calipers on the two fingers lazily stroking his valve.

His optics shuttered. “I can’t do it,” he whimpered.

Blurr’s hand left his spike and planted on his abdomen, pushing him back against Blurr. “Yes, you can. You just have to concentrate. Focus.”

Rodimus’ laugh was a thin warble. “Haven’t you heard? I don’t know how to do that.” He ground his denta, tasting sparks, entire frame quivering. Overload hovered so close. He couldn’t– couldn’t–

“Yes, you do,” Blurr murmured and nuzzled his helm again. He rubbed one finger over Rodimus’ throbbing caudal node. “Cause you’re doing it right now.” He ex-vented hot and wet over Rodimus’ audial. “Come on, brightspark. Just a little longer.”

Rodimus keened deep in his chassis. He wanted to overload, but he wanted to prove Blurr’s faith in him, too. He clenched his jaw, cycled a ventilation, and focused.

“That’s it,” Blurr praised and flirted with Rodimus’ rim. “Good.”

Rodimus’s spark whirled. His helm lolled on Blurr’s shoulder. Just a little bit longer now. Just a little bit more.


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