[TCL] Claim

Megatron was bigger than him, but that wouldn’t stop Sunstreaker from fragging him against the wall. Not with battlelust crawling through his lines, the taste of energon in the air, and the roar of the crowd still echoing in his audials and victory like overcharge on his glossa.

Sunstreaker snarled and hiked Megatron’s leg up higher as he plunged into Megatron’s valve. He bit into Megatron’s intake, breathing in the scent of him.

That was a close one. Too close.

“Primus, I love your valve,” he growled as his talons sank into Megatron’s hip, drawing energon. Calipers squeezed and rippled around him as if thirsty for his spike.

Megatron moaned as his back scraped against the wall, leaving streaks in the rust-hewn metal. His weight was precariously braced on one foot, and he kept sinking down as a result, forcing Sunstreaker deeper into him.

“Is that… supposed to be romantic?” Megatron grunted as he grasped at Sunstreaker’s shoulders, fingers sliding over dents Sunstreaker’s opponent had left behind. He was leaking somewhere, too, and every inch of him ached. One of his joints sparked.

But this – Megatron, hot and hungry and fragging gorgeous – was far more important than the arena medic.

“Call it what you want,” Sunstreaker growled as he lifted his helm and looked into Megatron’s optics. “So long as you know you’re mine.” Possessiveness surged up inside of him, his hips snapping harder, metal clanging against metal.

Megatron’s optics flashed. His leg pressed in on Sunstreaker’ hip before his mouth crashed over Sunstreaker’s, the kiss as much of a claim as Sunstreaker’s words. His lips were bruising, their denta clashing together.

Sunstreaker moaned and ground deep, riding hard on Megatron’s ceiling node.

Mine, he thought, fierce and volcanic, tasting energon as he bit at Megatron’s lips.

And wasn’t anyone going to take Megatron away from him. Not the Senate. Not the shiny nobles and their shinier vaults. Not the suicidal Pit boss who thought he could give Sunstreaker a guaranteed loss-match. Not Soundwave and his whispers of loyalty. Not even Sunstreaker’s Primus-bedamned Twin.

Megatron was his.


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