[TCL] A Swing and a Swagger

It was quickly becoming one of their favorite games, often swapping roles depending on who struck the mood first.

Tonight it was Sunstreaker. He’d walked in with a smirk and a swagger and Megatron knew exactly what he wanted.

Fortunately, they both had the time and energy to spare for a little indulgence. Why not make the most of it?

“Welcome home, sir,” Megatron said with a rolling purr that barely counted as deferential. “What can I do for you?”

Sunstreaker licked his lips, his optics brightening as they always did when Megatron called him ‘sir.’ Had an authority kink, his one-time mentor did.

Sunstreaker crooked a finger. “You can come here, recruit,” he said, pointing to the floor at his pedes. “Seems to me you’re needing a lesson in obedience.”

Megatron’s engine rumbled. “I’ve done my best to behave,” he said, the cheesy lines making the role all the more fun.

“Nothing wrong with a performance evaluation at times like this. Come now.” Sunstreaker’s grin turned devilish. “Hands and knees, soldier. You gotta earn the right to walk.”


Megatron swallowed a moan. He lowered himself down, ever so slowly, folding his newly enlargened frame toward the floor.

He wondered if that was the draw. If Sunstreaker felt powerful with a mech so much bigger than him scrambling to obey.

Megatron’s mouth watered. There was nothing like the effortless command in Sunstreaker’s tone. It drizzled straight to his spark and lit up his lines with lust.

“Yes, sir,” he murmured, his field ripe with anticipation.

Tonight was going to be fun.


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