[PbN] Call Me, Definitely

The beeping poked Rodimus out of recharge. He flopped out a hand only to realize the beeping wasn’t an external alarm, but a private line.

He slapped at his comm without onlining his optics or checking the call tag. “Whothewhatnow?”

Amused laughter floated into his processor. “Did I wake you?”

“Hm? Star?” Coherency filtered through the haze. “Something wrong?”

“No.” He chuckled again. “Unless you count the fact that I’m currently alone in my berth.”


“Slag, Primeling. You’re slow on the uptake, aren’t you?”

“I was recharging.” Rodimus flopped over onto his belly and tucked a pillow against his chestplate, folding his arms under it. “I pulled a double, you aft.”

“I guess you’re not interested in what I’m doing right now then.”

“Depends on what it is.”

Starscream purred into the comm. “I have my hand on my spike. And all I can think about is your mouth instead.”

All traces of sleepiness vanished with a jolt of arousal. “Whoa.” Rodimus squirmed. “Are we gonna do this?”

“Depends?” Starscream hummed a little moan. “What are you doing, baby Prime?”

Oh, slaaaaag.

Rodimus squirmed again, heat pulsing a steady rhythm through his lines. He buried his face in the pillow.

“Primus, I miss you,” he groaned as he started pushing one hand between his frame and the berth, fingers wriggling toward his array.

“Then come back soon. Because I have a toy with your name on it,” Starscream said.

Rodimus worked his intake. “Guh.”

Starscream chuckled, and ex-vented noisily into the comm. “You didn’t answer my question, Hot Rod.”

Oh, he was so screwed.

But this was still the best wake up call ever.


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