[CtE] Switching Things Up

Starscream shivered as he sank down again, his calipers parting to make way for the thick girth filling him with every roll of his hips.

Beneath him, Grimlock growled. His field rose up with grasping fingers, sticking to the edges of Starscream’s, pulsing heat.

“Don’t you dare overload,” Starscream panted as he rocked his hips, grinding Grimlock’s spike against his ceiling node. Sparks of pleasure danced up and down his spinal strut, making him jerk.

Grimlock chuckled darkly. “Are you the one giving orders now?”

“No. Stating a fact.” Starscream braced his hands on the Dinobot’s belly, lifting his aft and pulling his valve along the length of Grimlock’s spike, invoking a long slide against his internal nodes.

He shivered, head lolling on his shoulders, before he focused again.

“You need to learn some self-control,” Starscream added with a quick vent. “My lord.”

Grimlock groaned, his spike throbbing. His hands curled into fists, his wrists tugging at the cuffs, which blinked a baleful red. They held firm. Starscream would never, ever admit that he’d gotten them from Wheeljack.

Starscream smirked, his glossa sweeping over his lips. He looked down at his lover, at the bright flash in Grimlock’s visor.

Liked that, did he?

“My lord,” he purred again and sank down, his calipers rippling and squeezing at Grimlock’s spike, spitting charge at his sensor nodes.

Grimlock’s engine roared. “Damn it, Starscream,” he moaned, his entire frame rattling as he struggled to hold back his overload.

Oh, he liked that a lot.

Starscream huffed a laugh. He sucked in ventilation, the air tasting of arousal and charge.
Of power.

And he had it all.


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