[CtE] Pause

Try as he might, Starscream could not ignore the glowing green indicator light in his peripheral vision. It was a constant reminder that they were recording this, and all he could think about was how ridiculous and wanton he looked.

He shuttered his optics to ignore it, but his armor crawled as though he were being watched. It did not help. Not even the slow and steady circling of his anterior node cluster could gain his attention.

Starscream leaned back into Grimlock’s embrace, desperate to focus on his warmth, his touch, the inevitable pleasure. He bit back his cries, swallowed down his moans, and dug his claws into Grimlock’s arms.

The gentle pressure on his nub vanished. Damp fingers rested on his thigh.

“Why are you stopping?” Starscream demanded.

“Because something’s wrong.”

Starscream unshuttered his optics. “What? Did Cyclonus ping you?” Neither of them were on shift right now.

Grimlock’s fingers stroked his thigh. “No. Wrong with you.”

“What? No, I’m fine.”

Grimlock audibly sighed a ventilation. He rubbed his mouthguard against the back of Starscream’s helm. “We don’t have to record this. It’s supposed to be fun.”

And as usual, he went right to the crux of the matter.

“It is fun,” Starscream insisted.


Starscream heaved a vent. His helm tipped back against Grimlock’s shoulder. “Okay. Fine. It’s not. It’s embarrassing. Can we just turn it off?”


The light in his peripheral vision turned to red. It was no longer recording. Instantly, a wave of relief spread through Starscream’s frame. He sagged in Grimlock’s lap. “Thank you.”

Grimlock nuzzled the side of his helm. “Anytime. Want to stop?”

Starscream rolled his hips, nudging the fingers on his thigh. “No. Want you in me now, or touching me, I don’t care which.” Without the stare of the camera, his arousal came flooding back, and his valve clenched weakly.

The fingers returned to his node cluster, stroking it gently, and a moan spilled from Starscream’s lips.

“That’s better,” Grimlock murmured, his engine vibrating against Starscream’s back and his wings. “I want you to enjoy this, Star.”

Starscream’s face heated and his spark fluttered at the frank admission. He moved into Grimlock’s hold, the pleasure returning with a vengeance, a surge of charge through his lines, and flush of heat.

Grimlock purred against his helm and into his audial. “I want you to sing for me,” he murmured.

Starscream trembled, quite certain that Grimlock would get what he wanted.


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