[CtE] Cleaning Service

“What in the universe possessed you to go mudding with Hound?”

Bumblebee chuckled. “I thought it would be fun,” he said as the solvent pattered down over his frame, sluicing bits of mud, stone, and grass from his seams. Honestly, you could hardly tell he was yellow right now.

“Hah!” Rumble’s hands scrubbed over his back, attacking the mud as though it offended him.

Probably got that from Soundwave. Bee didn’t remember Rumble being so conscientious before.

“Or maybe I just wanted to entice you into helping me get clean.” Bumblebee wriggled his aft for emphasis.

“Is that right?” Rumble pressed against him from behind, his arms encircling Bee as he slid his soapy hands around Bumblebee’s chassis. One hand dipped down to cup his heated array. “You could’ve just asked, yanno.”

Bumblebee braced his hands on the wall as he freed his spike with a soft sigh, pressurizing directly into Rumble’s grip. “Funner this way,” he murmured as Rumble squeezed him. He shivered.

Rumble rubbed against his aft, the heat of his groin tangible. “Then lucky for you I like putting my hands all over ya.”

“I thought you might.” Bumblebee rolled his hips, his spike sliding easily in Rumble’s soapy grip. “Mmm. Harder.”

“Ask me something hard,” Rumble murmured and tightened his grip, his denta grazing across the back of Bumblebee’s shoulder.

He shuddered, arching closer to Rumble, as the solvent continued to rain down, washing away the mess.


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