[All This] Betwixt

If Sunstreaker had not insisted, Rodimus would have never believed Starscream could take them both.

Yet, here they were, all three squeezed onto Sunstreaker’s berth with Starscream pinned between them and two spikes jostling for space in the Seeker’s hot, quivering valve.

Rodimus had the pleasure of facing Starscream and seeing the bliss in Starscream’s expression. Watching Starscream gnaw on his bottom lip with fanged denta as his optics flickered and dimmed.

Sunstreaker, meanwhile, nibbled on the edges of Starscream’s wings as he embraced Starscream from behind. One hand slid down, fingers looping in Starscream’s array chain. Every little tug and pull on Starscream’s piercings made the Seeker shiver and clench, tightening on the two spikes piercing him.

“Look at you, so beautiful, taking both of us,” Sunstreaker murmured, a never-ending stream of praise that seemed to melt Starscream more and more.

Rodimus was in awe of both of them, even as he fought off overload. He wanted to savor this as long as possible.

The rippling squeeze of Starscream’s valve. Sunstreaker’s spike throbbing against his. Lubricant a messy squelch beneath him. Heat filling the air.

And Starscream whimpering, his hips making aborted jerks, his claws hooked into Rodimus’ chestplate, and his field unfurling with need.

Rodimus was so, so glad Sunstreaker had convinced him.


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