[All This] A New Sensation

The toy started out soothing and warm like a caress. Sideswipe forgot it was there as he focused on tending to his master, delicately licking and savoring Rodimus’ valve as though it were a most delectable treat.

Then the toy started to cool, leeching away the heat in his frame. It was noticeable, but ignored.

Cool turned to cold turned to ice. It made Sideswipe squirm and the rim of his aft port twitch. His internal nodes started to go numb, redirecting sensation to his empty, aching valve. He hadn’t earned the right for anything to fill him there yet.

Ice grew colder, a temperature so low it burned, and Sideswipe whimpered against Rodimus’ valve. He panted, squirming, his empty valve dripping to the floor while his aft burned.

He hadn’t realized he stopped servicing his master until there was a gentle tug on the leash and a tiny pressure against his intake as the collar shifted.

Sideswipe’s fingers curled against the floor. Arousal hung heavy in his array, while his poor aft port weakly twitched.

“I don’t feel any attention, Sideswipe,” Rodimus warned with another pull on the leash, his voice soft but commanding enough to send a thrill down Sideswipe’s spinal strut.

He shivered.

“S-sorry,” Sideswipe murmured and got back to work, his lips suckling on Rodimus’ anterior node cluster.

“Don’t apologize. Just do better.”

Primus but his aft burned and his valve ached and he screamed for overload. But nothing hurt as badly as Rodimus’ disappointment.

Sideswipe poured himself into his appointed task with renewed energy. Anything to disgract from the icy toy in his valve – before master decided to reverse course on the temperature again at least.

He loved it. He hated it. He burned for more of it.

This toy they would definitely keep.


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