[TIA] Continuation

Starscream woke up fuzzy, overheating, and feeling like he’d gotten run over by a shuttle. He groaned as he forced his optics online, the world around him a fuzz of grey and points of light and bright blue.

Blue. Blurr. He was lying on top of Blurr. He had his lover pinned beneath him, as a matter of fact, his claws hooked in the Racer’s armor. And… well, and his spike still snug within Blurr, semi-pressurized and all. Blurr’s valve was still wet and warm around him, calipers twitching intermittently.

Starscream licked his lips. Last night was an – excuse the pun – blur to him. He remembered the high grade, kind of. He remembered chasing Blurr around the city in a ridiculous game of race-car versus Seeker. He’d caught Blurr, too. And they’d tumbled into this berth like a couple of silly younglings, and Blurr had playfully fought him and Starscream had pinned him down and–

Oh, my.

Starscream shivered as the memories returned, of Blurr squirming beneath him, demanding more, his pedes drumming the back of Starscream’s thighs. His valve had been so welcoming, calipers gripping and squeezing. He’d kissed Starscream desperately, nipping at his lips, arching up from the berth and tugging at Starscream’s grip on his wrists.

Starscream’s engine revved again. His spike fully firmed within Blurr, nudging against Blurr’s moist dermal mesh.

Beneath him, Blurr stirred. He groaned, making a low noise not unlike Starscream’s own. “Primus, what hit me?” he grumbled, optics lighting on low power. He shivered, valve rippling around Starscream’s spike. “Oh, right.” He shifted, thighs sliding up to bracket Starscream’s hips. “Well, are you going to finish what you’ve started?”

Starscream chuckled and nuzzled Blurr’s face. “Started?” he repeated and nipped at Blurr’s audial. “Something tells me this is more of a continuation.” He rolled his hips forward, ever so gently, rocking into his partner.

Blurr sighed a moan, his hands slipping up Starscream’s sides. “That wasn’t a complaint, by the way,” he said and his thighs pressed in on Starscream’s hips. “Though it’ll become one if you don’t retract those claws, you menace.”

Starscream’s lips brushed over Blurr’s cheek. “Spoilsport.” Yet, he obeyed, freeing his talons of Blurr’s seams and noting with some pride the scratches left behind. Staking a claim? Perhaps.

“Oughta get those claws clipped,” Blurr retorted.

Starscream laughed. “You’d miss them.”

“Yeah, I guess I would,” Blurr murmured before he turned his helm and captured Starscream’s lips in a lazy kiss.

Starscream slid a hand down to cup Blurr’s aft, tilting him for a better angle to hit those deeper nodes. It was kind of nice to have a lazy morning in like this, a slow and savoring ‘face that let him really appreciate his partner.

Whatever else they had going on could wait.


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