[TIA] A Little Worship

As it turned out, getting Starscream to agree to try a little bondage was not the hard part. Getting him to relax and enjoy it, however, was proving to be a challenge.

Blurr hadn’t even gone all out. He’d used fancy sashes on Starscream’s wrists and ankles so Star couldn’t squirm away. They’d snap under the slightest bit of pressure, which was the point.

Yet, Starscream’s armor stayed clamped and his field withdrawn. He didn’t ask to stop, but the eagerness had vanished.

Blurr had his work cut out for him. This was an enormous gift right here, the offer of Starscream’s trust. He didn’t want to waste it.

He started with a kiss, one slow and savoring. He licked at Starscream’s lips, nuzzled Star’s face, and purred into the kiss.

Starscream hummed a moan — a good sign.

Then Blurr started at the top, lips and fingers exploring ever so gently. With reverence, one might even say. A little worship went a long way with Starscream.

He mouthed Starscream’s cockpit and fondled his chest fans and teased his ailerons and traced every transformation seam with long, lingering strokes, hoping to coax Starscream open.

“You’re beautiful,” he murmured with every kiss, and his spark clenched as he followed a barely visible weld line in Starscream’s chassis.

“I am a Seeker,” Starscream grumped with a shiver. “There are hundreds more like me.”

Blurr’s lips grazed Starscream’s array — still sealed but warming rapidly — as his fingers tickled into sensitive knee joints. Ticklish, even, in the right mood.

“Nope,” Blurr said with an ex-vent into Starscream’s hip gimbal. “You are one of a kind.”

Sappy? Yes. Utterly true? Also, yes. There was only one person in the universe like Starscream.

Star shivered and his field opened up at last, pulsing with affection. His armor loosened, just enough Blurr could get a peek at the pretty cables beneath, glistening from recent polishing.

It wasn’t much, but it was a start.

Fortunately, Blurr had all night to convince this gorgeous package to unwrap himself.


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