[FoF] Sampler

Rodimus was an absolute delight, Starscream decided.

He squirmed beautifully beneath Starscream, his antrum warm and welcoming, slick where it squeezed Starscream’s clava.

He arched up closer to Starscream, his clavatip brushing Starscream’s abdomen, as he made all of these hungry noises. Whimpers and moans and urgent sounds. He grasped at Starscream as though begging him to go harder and faster and Starscream was eager to oblige.

No wonder their Liege was so taken with him. He was adorable.

“Come on, Star,” Rodimus pleaded, his lips forming a cute pout. “Stop teasing me!”

Starscream chuckled. “I haven’t even begun, princeling.” He pumped his hips forward, continuing the slow and steady pace he’d started with.

Rodimus whined louder. “This isn’t fair,” he complained as he clawed at Starscream’s hips, trying to force him faster.

Starscream nuzzled his face. “You are such a needy thing,” he teased. “How does Megatron manage you?”

Rodimus growled and his antrum squeezed tight. “Probably because he knows what he’s doing.”

“And you are such a brat, too,” Starscream retorted, and although he swore he could not let himself be goaded, his thrusts increased in both rhythm and intensity. He ground hard and deep into Rodimus, making the princeling gasp and shudder.

“Am not,” Rodimus challenged, even as his thighs clamped hard around Starscream’s hips, his talons digging in.

“Yes, you are. One in need of a firm hand.” Starscream yanked Rodimus against his groin, driving himself deep, and Rodimus moaned.

He writhed beneath Starscream, his face heating, his eyes getting darker with pleasure. “Harder!” he demanded, every ounce the princeling.

“I’ll show you harder,” Starscream gritted out and he claimed Rodimus’ lips in a kiss, lest he try and bite Rodimus’ neck, which was already so thoroughly marked that he looked as though he’d been mauled.

Someone was a little possessive, it seemed.

Then again, Starscream reasoned, if he had this lovely, responsive, and adorable little smol to call his own, he’d probably be possessive, too.


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