[FoF] Fired Up

Blurr giggled as Starscream stuck his face in Blurr’s neck and sniffed at him. It tickled, and Blurr squirmed helplessly, feeling another laugh burble up.

“What in Adaptus’ name is wrong with you?” Starscream demanded.

Blurr arched up against him and bit at Starscream’s chin. “Mmm, you smell good,” he purred and groped at Starscream, trying to drag his mate down. “Come on, sweetling. Do me good.” He licked his lips, trying for his best, coy look.

He ached, deep down inside. His dick — no, his clava. His bird dick was so hard. And his bird slit — his antrum — was so wet and all he could think about was Starscream fragging him good and hard. Who cared what they were called! He just wanted Starscream to do something.

Except Starscream grabbed his wrists and pinned them down to the pillows, those long, long fingers of his making an effective cuff. And damn, Blurr thought he’d be as strong Starscream now that he was a Harpy, but no dice.

How unfair.

“What has gotten into you?” Starscream asked, sounding bewildered.

Blurr giggled again. “You, I’m hoping.”


Ooo. That deep rumble was Ratchet. Blurr felt it to his core. He shivered, arching his back and tilting his head to see the massive bara standing over both of them. Ratchet had his arms crossed, his lips pulled into a frown.

“Hi, Ratchet!” Blurr wriggled as suggestively as he was able beneath Starscream. “Gonna join us?”

“No, thank you,” Ratchet growled, his feathers fluffing out around him. “Starscream, explain.”

“I wish I knew.” Starscream sighed and looked up at Ratchet. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was drunk.”

“Hey! You’re ignoring me!” Blurr pouted and squirmed. He tugged on his wrists again, to no avail. Couldn’t they see how eager he was? How wet and open? How could they resist him leaking everywhere? He could smell himself, and he knew he smelled good.

Blurr bucked his hips and moaned as the tip of his clava brushed Starscream’s belly. It felt so good that the heat inside of him blossomed brightly. His head spun, his thoughts snagging the pleasure and holding tight.

“Allergic reaction perhaps?” Starscream suggested.

“Would be the first I’ve seen. But he was human once, so who knows?” Ratchet replied.

“Star,” Blurr whined and tugged at his wrists. “Please. It hurts.” His lower lip wobbled. He arched his hips again, scrubbing his clava against Starscream’s belly.

Starscream looked down at him. His eyes narrowed. “What did you eat?”

What a weird question. Blurr ignored it in favor of moaning. He was so hard, so wet, that it hurt.

Ratchet sighed a loud sigh. “You don’t think…?”

Starscream echoed him. “I do.” He leaned down, his lips inches from Blurr’s, and rubbed his cheek against Blurr’s. “It’s going to be a long night.”

“I’ll get the door,” Ratchet said, as if from a distance to the need roaring in Blurr’s ears.

Blurr whimpered.

“Sorry, sweetness,” Starscream murmured, his hold gentling around Blurr’s wrists. “I should’ve warned you about the fireberries.”

The wha..?

No. That wasn’t important.

“You going to frag me now?” Blurr asked, hopeful.

“As many times as you need.” Starscream’s lips brushed over his, and he smelled so sweet, so yummy.

Blurr moaned. Even more so when the pillows dipped and Ratchet joined them, all heat and mass as he pressed in on Blurr’s side.

“Help,” Blurr bleated, his antrum clenching down on nothing, soaking the pillows beneath his rump.

Starscream kissed him, swallowing his whines. Ratchet’s hand slid over his belly and finally curled around his clava.

Blurr sighed with relief, bucking helplessly into the loose hold, his clava leaking so badly that his featherdown was soaked.

He’d get answers later. Right now, he only wanted to drown in his mates and his need.



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