[TIA] Fire Meets Gasoline

Blurr paced. His restless energy wouldn’t allow anything else. He made several circuits around the main room and kept going.

Frag the media for camping out on what was basically his front porch. He couldn’t leave because unlike some mechs, he didn’t have wings. Wheeljack barely made it in here alive as it was.

Starscream had left hours ago, and Blurr had nothing to distract him. No way to pass the time except imagine all the terrible ways the angry Decepticons would tear Starscream apart for being a traitor. What would happen then?

Blurr hadn’t the slightest idea.

“Will ya sit down already? You’re makin’ me dizzy,” Wheeljack said. He currently sat cross-legged in the middle of the floor, having shoved aside the low, central table. He had Blurr’s boosters in his lap, though where he’d gotten them from, Blurr didn’t know.

Starscream must have had them stashed somewhere.

“I haven’t ran in weeks,” Blurr replied by way of explanation.

Wheeljack scoffed. “Ya raced over to the remains of Kimia just last night. Don’t give me that slag.”

Blurr reared up and stared down at Wheeljack, but the engineer was bent over Blurr’s boosters and didn’t so much as look at him. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing.” Wheeljack fiddled with something that went clunk. “Just that you’re pacing ‘cause you’re worried.”

“I am not!”

Wheeljack chuckled and looked up at him, indicators flashing a stream of bright colors. “You and Starscream are a lot alike, you know.”

Blurr folded his arms. “No, we’re not.”

“Well, opposites don’t always attract.” Wheeljack shrugged and went back to work. His winglets twitched. “I think it’s kinda cute. Never thought I’d see Starscream genuinely fall for someone. Guess there’s a first time for everything.”

Blurr’s mouth moved, but no words emerged. Cute? He and Starscream were cute? They could barely go a day without yelling at each other! How was that cute?

He huffed a ventilation. “Can we not talk about Starscream?”

Wheeljack chuckled, his field poking at Blurr’s with genuine amusement. “Sure. I mean, it’s not like we’re in his penthouse or anythin’.” He looked up at Blurr, his indicators flashing a rosy hue.

Blurr’s face heated. He rubbed at his nasal ridge. “What about you? Feeling better now that you’re out of the regeneration chamber?”

“It’s nice to be on my own two pedes again,” Wheeljack said. His fingers continued to move, though he wasn’t looking down at them. “Other people seem happy ta see me, so I guess that’s good. Swindle was talkin’ about throwin’ some kind of party but…” He trailed off and shrugged. “I ain’t the partyin’ type.”

Swindle. Ugh.

Blurr’s engine growled.

He appreciated the salesmech for a great many things, but some of Swindle’s behavior as of late had approached the realm of tasteless. Swindle had some kind of agenda, only Blurr didn’t know what it was. He already had one political headache in Starscream; he didn’t need another.

“Besides, where would we have it at? I can’t imagine anywhere other’n Maccadam’s personally,” Wheeljack added. “That place always kind of felt like home, ya know?”

“Yeah,” Blurr said with a small smile. “I know.”

“Ya can rebuild. I’ll even help,” Wheeljack said brightly, the moment of sadness gone. “I’ve got some great ideas for engex mixers and dispensers. Also, lights, bright colorful lights to really give it that energetic look.”

Blurr leaned a hip against the couch and folded his arms. “Sounds good,” he said, and it wasn’t even a lie. It did sound good.

Something new. A fresh start. Maybe that was what he needed.

“It’ll be nice to build something that ain’t a weapon for once,” Wheeljack added, almost wistfully. Though it was spoken almost as if he hadn’t intended to let that free. “Not that I’m not goin’ to get you those blasters. A mech’s gotta protect himself after all. And his loved ones.”

Blurr’s spark twinged. He felt guilty, now, for even asking. He should have just gone to Swindle. He should have swallowed his pride, asked Starscream for a loan, and gone to Swindle.

Blurr chewed on his bottom lip. “Thank you,” he said. He knew telling Wheeljack not to bother with them anymore was pointless. “I appreciate it.”

Wheeljack’s optics beamed at him, his indicators lighting up. “I know. Which is why I’m happy to do it for ya.” He held up Blurr’s boosters and gave them a tap. “Thirteen percent faster now. How’s about that?”

The door to the balcony beeped, and Blurr whirled toward it. Starscream emerged from the balcony, a frown on his lips, and fingers brushing at his arms as though wiping away dirt. There wasn’t a scratch on him, or at least, not a new one.

“Primus save me from spies,” he groused as the door slid shut behind him before he looked up, registering both Blurr and Wheeljack in an instant. He blinked. “What are you staring at?”

“An idiot,” Blurr said. He folded his arms over his chest, unwilling to show the relief that cascaded through his systems. “How did it go?”

“Fine. Soundwave agreed to help,” Starscream said breezily. He moved further into the suite, giving a nod to Wheeljack. “Nice to see you,” he greeted as he made a beeline for the energon storage room.

“Likewise,” Wheeljack chirped, and hauled himself up from the floor, setting Blurr’s boosters onto the low table. “I’m almost done with these. Did a little fiddlin’ while I was at it. Should process fuel more efficiently now, too.”

Blurr gave him an askance look. “Without exploding?”

Wheeljack laughed. “I’ll have ya know don’t nothin’ explode that I don’t intend to.” He glanced toward the energon storage room, but Starscream had yet to emerge. “I’ll get to work on those other things, too.”

“Thanks,” Blurr replied, some of the tension easing out of his frame. He’d feel a lot better as soon as he was armed again. He’d enjoyed being a civilian, but that time was up.

War was afoot.

“No problem.” Wheeljack stretched his arms over his helm, his winglets fluttering again. “Well, I’d best be going. Somethin’ tells me I’m about to be the third wheel.”

Blurr coughed a ventilation. “It’s not like that,” he said as he followed Wheeljack to the door. The security system wasn’t coded for the engineer, after all.

“Yes, it is,” Wheeljack said with a little laugh. He bumped shoulders with Blurr. “Though I appreciate ya havin’ restraint around my innocent optics.”

“There’s nothing innocent about you,” Blurr retorted as he palmed the door open, the security system beeping as it registered his energy field.

Wheeljack chuckled. “Guilty as charged.” He hovered in the doorway, looking past Blurr into the apartment, though Starscream hadn’t emerged yet. “You two have fun now.”

Blurr’s face heated, though he hadn’t a clue why. He’d had partners and lovers and one night stands before. Sharing a penthouse with Starscream shouldn’t be so embarrassing.

Perhaps it was the salacious lick in Wheeljack’s field before he winked again and stepped out the door, prompting it to close shut behind him, locking in place.

Blurr shook his helm. Wheeljack really was something else, wasn’t he?

Blurr turned around just as Starscream finally emerged from the energon storage, holding a cube of something that was not midgrade. Engex perhaps? Well, at least he wasn’t drinking it out of the expensive-looking flute.

“Wheeljack gone?” Starscream asked as he looked around the main room as if Wheeljack lurked behind one of the pieces of furniture.

Blurr nodded. “You gonna tell me about Soundwave now?”

“There’s not much to tell.” Starscream audibly cycled a ventilation and lowered himself down into the couch. “We spoke. He agreed to provide assistance. I returned with Ravage in tow and arranged for him to meet with Mirage and Rattrap.” Starscream’s lips curved in amusement. “That meeting will probably be the highlight of my week.”

Blurr eased down into the couch next to Starscream. “Why would Soundwave agree to help you?”

Starscream’s smirk slid away, turning into a neutral expression of contemplation. “I’m not entirely sure. Perhaps he’s realizing the folly of blindly panting after Megatron.” He lifted his shoulders in a shrug. “His motives are the least of my concern, so long as he’s not actively working against me.” He sipped at his energon and leaned back into the embrace of the couch.

“You got lucky,” Blurr said. “He could have killed you.”

Starscream gave him an askance look. “Soundwave and I have had our differences, but we do have something of an understanding. And he’s too smart to think that killing me will solve any of his problems.” He finished off his cube and leaned forward to place the empty on the table. “I was in no danger.”

“Must be nice to be so sure,” Blurr muttered.

Starscream settled back into the couch, and he gave Blurr a long look. “I wouldn’t have sought him out if I wasn’t certain I could reason with Soundwave,” he said, and tilted his helm. “Though I do appreciate your concern.”

Blurr narrowed his optics. “I’m beginning to wonder if I should have bothered,” he said with a huff. He twisted away from Starscream, twitching.

Silence fell between them though Blurr was sure it wouldn’t last for long. Starscream never could go without having the last word.

Meanwhile, emotions twisted and churned inside of Blurr. The ones that wanted to launch himself at Starscream out of some romantic sense of relief. And the other ones that wanted to storm from his apartment because Starscream drove him mad.

“Do you want me to apologize?” Starscream finally asked, and Blurr felt the futon jostle as Starscream shifted toward him. His field reached toward Blurr, somewhat tentative, but warm also.

Blurr snorted. “I’m not going to hold my vents for that.” He gave Starscream an askance look before he shoved himself off the couch. “I’m going to recharge.”

Starscream caught him about the wrist before he could so much as take a step, though the hold was loose. More a request, than a demand.

“I’m not going to apologize for doing what I had to do,” Starscream said, and his tone was oddly gentle, less sharp than Blurr would have expected. “Or for ensuring that a mad mech is brought to heel.”

Blurr pressed his lips together. He half-turned toward Starscream, enough that he could read the Seeker’s expression. Starscream, however, was being irritatingly neutral.

“Thus the reason I didn’t ask for one,” Blurr said.

Starscream cycled a ventilation. His fingers briefly squeezed Blurr’s wrist. “This is the mech I am,” he said. Something he brought up often, as a matter of fact.

Blurr rubbed at his forehelm. “I know. I can still get mad that you’re treating me like glass though.”

Starscream let go of his wrist, and Blurr instantly mourned the loss, though he couldn’t fathom why. “I’m actually not,” he said, and he pushed himself to his pedes, wings flicking behind him. “Is it not natural for a mech to want to protect the things that matter to him?”

“To some,” Blurr admitted. “But…” Here he trailed off. He bit his bottom lip instead. He didn’t want to say what just crossed his mind.

But Starscream was not a normal mech. Starscream was not supposed to be a mech who cared. That was pretty well documented.

“You still don’t trust me,” Starscream said, and though his words were calm and even, there were layers of hurt in it. Hurt Blurr never would have believed Starscream would show. Especially as he folded his arms over his cockpit, as if protecting the vulnerable spark beneath.

“Trust is a many layered thing,” Blurr said, and his face heated when he realized he was quoting Perceptor of all mechs. But Primus, how many times had he heard Perceptor mutter something to that effect?

Blurr rubbed the back of his neck and cycled another ventilation. “Can we just, I dunno, talk about this in the morning?”

“Whatever you want.” Starscream shrugged, but it was far from dismissive. He waved a hand and made as if to sit back on the couch.

Blurr stared at him. “What are you doing?”

Starscream’s orbital ridges lifted. “I did fly out into the Wastes this afternoon. I’m in need of recharge as much as you.”

Blurr worked his jaw. “On the couch?”

Again, that nonchalant shrug that didn’t hide as much as Starscream thought it did. “Seemed the better course.”

Blurr rolled his optics and snatched Starscream by the wrist. “You are such a drama queen,” he muttered as he tugged on Starscream’s arm. “Come on.” He towed the Seeker behind him, relieved when Starscream didn’t put up a fight. “You’re recharging on the berth. With me, to clarify, because I’m not laying on that couch either.”

“If you insist,” Starscream said.

Behind them, the lights in the main room darkened until only the emergency runners were lit. Blurr tugged Starscream into the berthroom, triggering the door to close behind them. Only the desk lamp glowed, casting the room in dim shadows.

Blurr gave Starscream a push toward the berth. “You first,” he said.

“Because you think I’m going to run?” Starscream replied, amused. He did obey, however, climbing onto the berth and sinking into the plush surface.

Blurr snorted. “No. Because wings are inflexible.” And Blurr, sadly, didn’t have his boosters to create an obstacle. Of the two of them right now, he was more maneuverable.

With Starscream settled, Blurr climbed on after him, notching himself against Starscream’s side and resting his helm on Starscream’s shoulder. It took some doing to ensure he wasn’t laying too much of his weight on the flat planes of Starscream’s wings. It also took some mechhandling on his part before finally, he was comfortable.

Starscream’s field continued to radiate amusement, but now there was something deeper mingled with it. Affection perhaps.

“This is the most aggressive cuddling I have ever experienced,” Starscream said, his tone rich with amusement, lips curled.

“Well, what else would you expect?” Blurr chuckled. “For us, I mean. You’ve been nothing but ornery since day one.”

“Me?” Starscream’s hand slid around Blurr’s chassis, talon slipping into a seam and barely brushing the cables beneath. “You, Zippy, are the most contrary mech I have ever met, and that’s saying something.”

Blurr snorted. “I highly doubt that. You just don’t like people telling you ‘no.’”

“Mmm. Well, you may have a point about that.” Starscream’s free hand pinched one of Blurr’s tires, making him squirm. “Hurt?”

Blurr wriggled around, trying to notch his frame closer to Starscream’s. There was something addictive in the heat Starscream exuded.

“Lemme bite your wing tip and you tell me,” Blurr retorted.

Starscream shivered beneath him. His plating further warmed.

Well then.

Starscream pinched Blurr’s tire again, and Blurr’s engine purred. He wriggled atop Starscream, shifting further up until he could bury his face in Starscream’s intake. He in-vented, dragging in Starscream’s scent, today a mix of atmosphere and old ordinance. Scent he’d carried with him from the Cybertronian wilderness.

“And to think,” Starscream murmured, “there was a time you hated me.”

Blurr snorted. “Hate is a strong word. I didn’t know you. How could I hate you?”

“Mm. Good point.” Starscream’s fingers caressed Blurr’s seams, fluttering over the cables beneath. He didn’t flinch at the light nip of charge that danced from Blurr’s protoform. “Didn’t much approve of me then.”

“I’ll give you that much.”

“And now?”

Was Starscream reaching for confirmation of some kind? Probably.

“Well, we’re sharing a berth, and kind of living together, and I keep hoping you’ll get the hint and frag me.” Blurr pressed a kiss to the underside of Starscream’s jaw, his spark fluttering. “So I’m pretty sure I’m far from loathing and disapproval both,” he said dryly.

Starscream shivered again, his engine activating into a low, steady rumble. “Not hating is not the same as liking.”

Blurr braced his arms beneath him, rising up so he could look Starscream in the optics. He shifted until he straddled Starscream’s hips, planting his aft upon a groin which was definitely warm. Starscream’s hands found their way to his waist, briefly stroking down to cup his aft, before sliding back up to his waist again. As though he couldn’t decide where he was allowed to touch.

For the record: everywhere.

“I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t attracted to you,” Blurr said as he leaned close enough to exchange ventilating air. “And I definitely wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t like you.” He closed the distance between them, brushing his lips over Starscream’s, glossa slipping free to dampen Starscream’s lips.

Starscream shook beneath him. All the incentive Blurr needed to deepen the kiss, pressing his lips firmly against Starscream’s before introducing his glossa as well. He hummed low in his intake, grinding down, hoping to chase away the weird mood that had infected them both.

This was new territory, he had to admit. They were in the berth, ostensibly cuddling, though Blurr now had the intent to interface. They had come to something of an agreement regarding an actual relationship, and Blurr didn’t know about Starscream, but Blurr had never been one to attempt such a thing before. Especially with someone like Starscream.

But here he was, and there Starscream was, and all Blurr could think about was deepening the kiss, tasting Starscream on his glossa, and hoping to entice Starscream to unleash his equipment.

Blurr’s valve ached.

Starscream made a small sound, one of delight, before his grip tightened on Blurr’s hips. He returned the kiss, much more aggressive than before, his glossa winding with Blurr’s. Each touch of it sent a shock of need through Blurr’s frame, a need more vibrant and demanding than he’d felt before.

Blurr groaned into the kiss and rolled his hips, rocking against Starscream’s frame and the heat he felt building beneath him. His calipers cycled restlessly, lubricant gathering within his valve. This, at least, he and Starscream were good at.

“Come on,” Blurr murmured against Starscream’s lips. “Frag me.” His panel snapped open, a few drops of lubricant dripping free to spatter against Starscream’s armor.

Starscream gripped his hips and pulled him down, their frames pressed together, forcing Blurr to rock his hips so as to grind his valve down on Starscream’s pelvic armor. He shuddered as his valve rim was stimulated, the nodes peppering to life, and leaving streaks of lubricant behind.

“You want my spike?” Starscream purred, or teased rather.

Blurr groaned. He bit at Starscream’s lips, pinning the bottom between his denta. “I’m not going to beg,” he said.

Starscream’s optics glowed up at him, dark with desire. “Are you sure about that?” He tipped Blurr’s helm up and bit at Blurr’s intake, his denta dragging along his cables. “I can be patient if given enough incentive.”

“Yeah, well, I can’t,” Blurr panted.

His fingers kneaded at the berth covers. He freed his spike, sighing with relief as the sensitive head rubbed against Starscream’s belly, leaving a streak of pre-fluid behind. It wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t a spike in his valve, lighting up his nodes. But it was good enough.

Blurr licked his lips as he rocked his hips, rutting both valve and spike against Starscream’s heated armor. Pleasure coiled lazily in his abdomen, and drizzled down his spinal strut.

“So impatient,” Starscream murmured, his lips brushing over the crest of Blurr’s helm. “We can’t have that.”

Blurr rolled his hips harder, his valve sparking with delight as his nub rubbed over Starscream’s armor. He could overload just like this, a slow and steady overload.

“Too bad for you,” Blurr panted. “I’ll just take what I want.”

Starscream chuckled. “We’ll see about that,” he said. His field throbbed, thick with promise.

Blurr should have been paying attention. But he was too focused on his array, on the lazy heat in his belly. He missed Starscream tensing, his grip tightening, until his world turned upside down.

He landed on the berth with an oomph, his fingers tangled with Starscream’s and pressed into the berth above his helm. Starscream notched between his legs, sliding up and up, until Blurr’s thighs were splayed wide over Starscream’s, but there was a distance between them. Blurr couldn’t shift up or down, his valve twitching as it was caressed by heated air and little else.

Blurr groaned. “Starscream, why are you being a tease?” He tried pouting – he was told it made him irresistible – and arched his back, hands tugging on Starscream’s.

Talon-tipped fingers curled tighter around his, their palms pressed together. Starscream bore him down, kept him pinned, and Blurr’s engine gave a little rev.

“Because I can,” Starscream murmured, his wings arched high, flaps wriggling as they often did when he was proud of himself. The slagger.

He curved down, enough to capture Blurr’s lips for a kiss, but not enough to allow Blurr to get any friction. He moaned into the kiss, squirming beneath Starscream, his spike throbbing and his valve dripping lubricant, enough that it trickled from the caudal lip and down his aft.

This was unfair.

Blurr flexed his legs, trying to get some leverage against Starscream, pull the Seeker tighter against him. But Starscream had the upper hand here, and he chuckled as he kept himself just out of reach.

His lips broke away from Blurr’s, mouth leaving a wet path over the curve of Blurr’s jaw, down to his intake. Denta nipped at the thick cables there, making Blurr jerk.

Starscream’s spike emerged with a click, and the head of it nudged at Blurr’s valve. It graced his rim, bumped over his external nodes, briefly prodded at his anterior node. It, like Starscream, was nothing more than a tease.

Blurr’s engine growled. “Just frag me already!”

“Ask nicely,” Starscream purred into his audial before he bit at Blurr’s intake, a sharp sting that drew a bolt of charge down Blurr’s backstrut.

His valve clenched, squeezing out more lubricant. He gritted his denta, field battering at Starscream’s with need. His thighs pressed in on Starscream’s hips, the back of his pedes beating against the back of Starscream’s legs. He panted, dragged in ventilation after ventilation.

He arched his backstrut, tried to push off the berth, shove himself closer to Starscream. The head of Starscream’s spike brushed over his valve again. It stirred through the lubricants soaking his rim. It taunted him with the idea of penetration, but never did more than apply a distant pressure.

It was maddening.

Starscream’s fingers squeezed his in arrhythmic pulses. “All you have to do is ask,” he purred, something in his vocals making the need coil in Blurr’s lines spark stronger. “Do you want me to spike you?”

The question was accompanied by a roll of Starscream’s hips. His spikehead caught the lip of Blurr’s valve, teased around the inside of his rim, not even to the first caliper, before it slipped free again. It rubbed over Blurr’s anterior node, now slick with Blurr’s lubricants, and Blurr shuddered.

His helm tossed back with a gasp. He drew in a sharp ventilation, his cooling fans bursting to life. The coil of need tightened and tightened, his thighs trembling.

“Yes,” Blurr moaned as he gnawed on his bottom lip. Hazy vision gave him glimpses of Starscream, his expression one of hunger and desire. “Please, Star. I need it.”

Starscream’s field swirled, slamming into Blurr’s own, thick and dizzying with lust. He squeezed Blurr’s hands, and shifted his weight.

“As you wish,” Starscream purred before his lips captured Blurr’s.

Starscream’s glossa plunged into Blurr’s mouth in the same moment that he tilted his hips and slid his spike into Blurr’s valve. It was one long, slow, steady thrust that buried him to the hilt, the head of his spike grinding against Blurr’s ceiling node.

Blurr outright whimpered, his valve cinching down tight, grasping onto Starscream’s spike, charge igniting between their nodes. His thighs trembled, a flashfire sparking through his lines. He shook as pleasure assaulted him, his valve rippling around Starscream’s spike.

It felt good, deliriously so. Starscream ex-vented heat above him, the tiniest whuffs of it puffing against Blurr’s armor and teasing the cables covering his protoform. He bit at Starscream’s mouth, the kiss desperate and hungry. He worked his hips, moving it in all the increments he could manage, his node throbbing.

The head of his spike brushed against Starscream’s frame, leaving streaks of transfluid behind. Starscream locked their arrays together, his hips making tiny circles which ground his spike deep in Blurr’s valve.

Sparks danced in the back of Blurr’s optics. He panted against Starscream’s lips as his valve quivered, the coil of need in his abdomen cinching tight. His backstrut arched, his hands squeezing Starscream’s in return. Words bubbled up in his vocalizer, but they were swallowed by Starscream’s lips.

He panted air through his vents. His spike throbbed where it rubbed again and again and again at Starscream’s abdominal armor. He felt dizzy, need knotting into a mess in his abdomen. Starscream ground harder against him, the base of his spike array rubbing hard against Blurr’s anterior node.

Blurr shattered.

Overload swept him up and swallowed him whole. His pedes snapped against Starscream’s legs, his valve cinching down tight enough to pull a whimper from Starscream. His spike spurted, dribbling transfluid against Starscream’s frame, even as his valve convulsed.

Starscream’s mouth broke away and his forehelm pressed to Blurr’s. His optics were shuttered, his face creased with pleasure.

“Oh, Primus,” he moaned and his hips jerked, slamming into Blurr, spike shoving through his twitching calipers.

One thrust, two thrusts, three and Blurr felt the wash of charged fluid over his sensitive nodes. It forced another smaller overload out of him, and he whimpered. His backstrut arched as his frame trembled, charge erupting from beneath his armor.

He sagged back into the embrace of the berth, cooling fans whirring madly, his vents desperately sucking in cool air. Starscream trembled above him before he sank down, his spike still snug within Blurr’s valve. His lips descended over Blurr’s again, but gently this time, the soft touch of his glossa enough to send a jolt to Blurr’s spark.

He hummed into the kiss, his hands twitching under Starscream’s grip. It softened in reply until Starscream shifted enough to release him. Blurr immediately wrapped his arms around Starscream’s chassis, pulling the Seeker down on top of him.

It was kind of nice to just kiss. To slowly press their lips together, to tangle their glossas. To brush their nasal ridges as their frames cooled and the frantic spin of their sparks slowed.

In moments like this, they felt like a genuine relationship, and not an entangled mess of emotion, thinly tied by their dedication to Cybertron.

Blurr’s spark throbbed.

Suddenly, he wanted it to be real.

And that thought scared him most of all.


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