[G1] Anything He Can Do…

“I could do that,” Sideswipe said.

Ratchet’s orbital ridges drifted toward his chevron. “Can you now?” he asked and made a pointed look toward the screen, where the tiny female human flipped and danced across the mat in a way that seemed to defy the law of physics.

“Can’t be too hard,” Sideswipe replied, squaring his shoulders. “I’m pretty flexible, you know.”

Sunstreaker gave his brother a critical look, optics narrowed. “Not that flexible.” He squinted, lips curving downward. “Though Jazz could probably do it.”

Sideswipe’s hackles raised, as Ratchet knew they would. A challenge had been laid. How dare Sunstreaker suggest Jazz could so something Sideswipe couldn’t? It was blasphemy.

“You saying I can’t do something that Jazz can?” Sideswipe demanded, predictably, and poked a thumb toward his chassis. “I can do anything he can do. And better.”

Ratchet snorted a laugh. “All right, hotshot. Wanna bet? Let’s get you and Jazz to the training room and see what happens on that mat.”

He expected Sideswipe’s enthusiasm to wilt, but then, backing down from a challenge was never one of Sideswipe’s better traits.

Sideswipe planted his hands on his hips. “Deal.”

Well then. Far be it from Ratchet to deny Sideswipe the opportunity to make a fool of himself. He pinged Jazz, passed on the challenge, and waited for the inevitable, gleeful acceptance.

Sunstreaker’s mouth pulled into a deeper frown. “You’re going to fall on your aft, I hope you know that.”

“It hurts that you have no faith in me,” Sideswipe said with mock disappointment. “You’re supposed to be my brother, my twin, spark of my spark. Where is the loyalty, I ask? Where is the trust?”

Ratchet’s comm pinged. Jazz was more than willing, he was on his way to the training room now. Perfect.

Ratchet made a show of sighing and rubbing his chevron. “All right, drama queen. Let’s get this over with then.” He hauled himself off the couch, briefly bemoaning the loss of his nice, quiet day of cuddling.

Sideswipe blinked. “Wait. Now?”

“What better time? Come on, Sunny.”

Sunstreaker got up, too. “This ought to be interesting,” he muttered.

Ratchet chuckled quietly. Interesting? You bet. He couldn’t remember a time being with the Twins was anything but.

“Fine,” Sideswipe declared with a put-upon mantle of determination. “Now I can show you both how wrong you are.”

He strutted past them with his head held high.

“Gonna fall on his aft,” Sunstreaker murmured. “Crack his cranial case wide open.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time,” Ratchet sighed, and clapped Sunstreaker on the shoulder. “Make sure you take plenty of vids.”

Sunstreaker smirked. “I always do.”



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