[IDW] Mixed Reviews

“So. I have a question.”

Deathsaurus blinked and turned toward the berth. “Will I like this question?”

Starscream propped his helm up on his fist, his elbow pushed deep into the mattress. Behind his shoulders, wing flaps fluttered. “It depends,” he said, with that glitter in his optics Deathsaurus had learned to be wary of.

Still. That glitter generally meant a good time in some shape or form.

Deathsaurus inclined his helm. “Ask away.”

Starscream’s lips curved in a slow, salacious smirk. “Ever fragged in your alt-mode?”

Deathsaurus’ vents stalled. Well, that was… ahem, not the question he was expecting? Though he should have, because he’d been asked it before, or had, in several disastrous attempts, made the offer to past lovers. Response was usually mixed.

“What answer is not going to get me treated like some depraved monster?” Deathsaurus asked.

Starscream’s glossa swept across his lips. His free hand drifted down his frame, and flirted with his panel. “The one I’m hoping means you might be willing to bend me over this berth,” he purred.

Deathsaurus’ vents started up again, his cooling fans joining the chorus. “Well…” He coughed into his palm, and knew he’d failed to act nonchalant when the glitter in Starscream’s optics darkened. “I have, yes, though responses as to whether or not it is acceptable have been, hmm, less than encouraging?”

Starscream pushed himself upright, the heel of his palm shoving harder against his panel. “What say we try for ourselves and see if we can’t change your luck?” His field rolled into the room, heavy with arousal.

He must have been thinking about this for a long time.

Deathsaurus’ spike knocked against his panel. He ex-vented a ragged burst of heat. He thought, maybe, he should decline. But that predatory look on Starscream’s face made him think that maybe this time, was going to be a lot different.

“All right,” he said, and grasped for that mantle of confidence he’d left somewhere on the floor behind him. “But don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Going by Starscream’s smirk, Deathsaurus had the feeling his warning was more than a little irrelevant.

Primus help him.


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