[Misc] Practice Makes Perfect

This is all Kyouraku’s fault. Ichigo taps his foot impatiently, gaze locked on the door, trying not to pay too much attention to his opulent and comfortable surroundings. Lady Crysan is late and he’s two seconds from exiting the building in a flash of shunpo.

That is, of course, when her door opens. Ichigo straightens, ready to greet the woman, but who enters is a short, almost effeminate man who’s face is twisted into a scowl that only deepens upon sight of Ichigo. He stops short and turns to snap something to Lady Crysan, who is just behind him, closing and locking the door as they enter.

“What’s going on?” the man demands as Ichigo jumps to his feet, thoroughly embarrassed at being caught here and struggling for control of the situation. “But–”

Lady Crysan holds up a hand, completely amused. “Calm down, boys. You are both supposed to be here. I have a proposition that I think will solve both of your problems.”

Ichigo snorts; Effeminate man mutters something under his breath.

Nonplussed, Lady Crysan sweeps further into the room and starts reaching for the ties to her robe, languidly undressing. “Now, Sleet here is entirely gay.” She ignores the man – Sleet – as he shoots her an indignant look. “And Ichigo here, while bi, wishes to put a little skill under his belt before going after a certain acquaintance of his.”

A bit distracted by her disrobing, creamy skin coming into view, breasts perky and inviting, Ichigo tries to focus. “… Your point?”

“You can help each other,” Lady Crysan says, one hand toying with her breast as she holds Ichigo’s gaze. “Sleet. Undress.” The tone of command in her voice leaves little room for argument.

Ichigo bristles but the other man startles and looks warily at Lady Crysan and Ichigo. One hand lifts, as though on automatic, only to hesitate.

Without looking at him, Lady Crysan speaks again. “Quickly now. I can promise you won’t enjoy the punishment should you not obey.” Then she does turn her head. “Or you can leave now and forgo your appointment this week.”

Sleet appears indecisive for all of a second before he starts to strip down, to Ichigo’s goggled surprise, and then Lady Crysan turns her attention on Ichigo. She crooks a finger at him, inviting him to come nearer. “Come here, Ichigo,” she croons.

He really ought to shunpo out the window, but curious and captivated, all Ichigo does as she bids, already reaching for his own clothes.


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