[Misc] Sit


Much to his mortification, Sajin finds himself obeying, planting himself firmly down in his chair and staring balefully over his desk, at the petite blond woman whose glare is giving credence to her surname.

“Now,” Hawkeye continues, planting her hands on his desk and leaning forward, unperturbed by his appearance, his height, the fact that if he were standing he could easily loom over her… “It has come to my attention that there is a severe discrepancy between those assigned to their seats and their actual capabilities.”

This is a possibility, one that Sajin has noticed in passing but hasn’t had time to correct as of yet. “Yes, but–”

“I’m not finished,” Hawkeye says sharply, and once again, Sajin feels compelled to obey. Why? He has no clue. There’s something about her tone of voice that makes him squirm, makes him agree that obeying is in his best interest.

He doesn’t even squirm as he inclines his head. “Please continue.”

Nodding sharply, Hawkeye draws in a slow breath and straightens. “As I was saying, there is a discrepancy. It must be fixed as soon as possible. Naturally, I will do it for you as I can’t expect anyone to do it as well as myself.”

With those mannerisms, there would be anyone hardpressed not to obey her. Or maybe that’s just him? Certainly, Kuchiki doesn’t bow in her presence. Though there was that one time…

“Taichou, are you listening to me?”

Sajin’s gaze snaps up, focusing again on the blond woman. “Yes, ma’am,” he replies, and then his eyes widen. Ma’am? She’s a lower seat, not his subordinate, but still!

Her lips curve into an approving smile. “There’s no need for that much formality, Komamura-taichou. But your politeness is appreciated.”

Sajin tries so very hard not to twitch. “Was there anything else?”

At this, Hawkeye’s – Riza’s – smile shifts more toward a smirk and takes a step forward, helping herself to his desk as she plants herself atop it. “Our business is concluded,” Riza explains, her voice low and throaty. “The rest is personal.”

Sajin’s breath hitches; he hopes she locked the door on her way in. “As you wish.”


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