[Misc] Metal Bender

They watch, simultaneously horrified and impressed, as the tiny human, barely bigger than Prime’s pinkie finger, takes down Ironhide with a wiggle of her big toe and a smirk of her lips.

She gestures with her hands and makes some strange movements with her arms, and the next thing they know, Ironhide is upside down and sideways, on his head, which is all right. It’s just his head after all. Not exactly the most vulnerable part of him.

He’s not a crumpled mess, just dented enough for Ratchet to curse profusely and amble toward Ironhide, pulling out a medkit as his fingers shift into workable tools. But the demonstration speaks for itself. More damage could be done. The human – Toph – had held back.

Polite clapping emerges from her companions, their faces echoing amusement and satisfaction. The short, bald one does a little dance. The male in blue claps Toph on the back, giving her a thumbs up.

“Well?” Toph asks, all swaggering bravado as she plants her hands on her hips and looks up at them. Or, well, tilts her head in their direction because she is blind, but can still see them somehow anyway. “Still think ya can take me?”

Jazz leans toward Optimus. “Mebbe if we all pile on her at once?” he says, voice pitched low, but so thick with humor they have to know he’s kidding.

Optimus glances at him askance. “You first.”

On his other side, Prowl’s door wings twitch, and Jazz wonders if he’s this close to a meltdown. His logic circuits must be frying.

“I don’t care what any of you think,” Sideswipe announces, his gaze on the tiny human female with open respect. “The human’s on my team.”

“That’s a nice sentiment, Wheels,” Toph chirps up at them, without fear in the face of the bladed death that is Sideswipe. “But I got a name, you know. Try using it.”

Ratchet huffs laughter from where he’s turned Ironhide right side up, the old mech groaning and creaking like a rust bucket, wondering what slaggin’ ‘Con run him over when he wasn’t looking.

Jazz, for his part, grins. “Ya know,” he says, to no one in particular as Sideswipe and Toph size each other up and Prowl twitches some more. “I think we got this war won.”

Beside him, Optimus laughs. Clearly, he agrees.


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