[Misc] Makeovers

Ichigo’s initial fears are coming to life. Ootori is certainly the devil and Ishida has turned himself into the devil’s apprentice.

“Very well,” Ootori announces. “Into the music room with you.”

“Don’t dawdle,” Ishida snap, shoving them both toward the opulent school and its spic-and-span atmosphere that make Ichigo feel about two feet tall and covered in dirt.

“It’ll take both of our not inconsiderable intellect to make this work, you realize,” Ootori says, still in that high-handed tone and only addressing Ishida.

The Quincy snorts, his grip on the back of Ichigo and Renji’s neck unrelenting and surprisingly unbreakable for how tiny he is. “Oh, believe me. I know. I’ve had to work with these louts for years. Damn near useless.”

Ichigo opens his mouth to protest, but Ishida’s fingers grip even stronger, and he winces. Oh, but the Quincy will pay for that later. Pay in full. Yes, he will.

“Nearly but not completely,” Ootori agrees with another assessing look at the two Shinigami. “Hmm. I’ll let Tamaki decide their types. The twins will be in charge of makeovers. I’ll work on crafting a legitimate cover story.”

“And I’ll make sure they cooperate,” Ishida finishes with what Ichigo can only assume is a shark-like smirk, though he can’t see the Quincy’s face right now.

Ichigo looks over at Renji, who’s looking back at him with a distinct air of “kill me now. Please.” Ichigo’s pretty sure the same expression is on his face.

The music room, which apparently doubles as their club headquarters, is even more intimidating than the school itself. Ichigo absolutely does not inch a step closer to Renji.

“Mori-senpai can handle teaching them manners,” Ootori adds, scribbling something in his notebook. “And Honey-senpai will try and inject some charm into them.”

Ishida finally releases his death grip on the Shinigami’s necks, not that there is anywhere to escape. “Good luck to him. I’ve been trying for years.”

Indignity wraps itself around Ichigo like a heavy cloak. “Oy. We aren’t here to be insulted.” He doesn’t think it’s such a good idea that Ootori and Ishida have made such good friends with each other. Their mutual agreements can’t be good for anyone’s sanity.

Ootori smirks in terrifying concert with Ishida. “Don’t worry. We’re going to take care of everything.”


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