[Misc] Introductions

Kenpachi grins, all but trembling with anticipation. It’s been such a long time since he’s faced a worthy challenge, months since Ichigo vanished after that battle with Aizen. And Kenpachi’s been itching for something to prove worthwhile.

How kind of the heavens to drop one damn near into his lap.

“Where is this place?” the man standing across from him demands, bristling with fury, one eye bright and human, the other milky white and monstrous. Otherwise, he looks normal. Burly, middle-aged, wearing formal clothing.

But one hand clutches a sword. And the sight of that sword makes Kenpachi grin from ear to ear. Normal spirits don’t arrive with swords. Only the powerful ones do.

Yay for him.

Kenpachi chuckles darkly. “Yer in Soul Society,” he says, slinging his nameless zanpakutou over his shoulder, sharp side out. “Or didn’t ya realize ya were dead?”

“Dead?” the stranger repeats, blinking in such a way that only his normal eye shutters its lid. “Oh yes, I do recall.” His one eye narrows. “The other nameless one defeated me.”

Kenpachi arches a brow. “Notice ya got a sword.”

“How astute of you,” the stranger replies in a tone of voice that shows he is only humoring Kenpachi. Clearly, he doesn’t think of the Shinigami as a threat.

Kenpachi is eager to prove him wrong. “Know how ta use it?”

At this, the stranger cocks his head to the side, as though trying to see Kenpachi better through his one human eye, and curls of uncontrolled reiatsu start seeping from his body in very familiar ways. “Why?”

Kenpachi’s covered eye throbs, and the spirit-sucking patch strains to keep up. “Thought I’d introduce you to the afterlife my way,” he replies, and grins a fang-bearing grin, the sort of bloodlusty, horrific grin that makes some of the lesser Shinigami gibber in their waraji.

The hair-raising sound of a sword sliding from its sheath fills the humid, afternoon air. “If brutality and violence is all I have to look forward to, perhaps this is hell after all,” the stranger comments, but then his eyes flash in a distinct anger, one that underlies his polite exterior. “In that case, I accept your challenge.”

Kenpachi grins. “Sweet.”


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