[Misc] Hot Springs

The steam rising from the heated water is an annoying cloak, hiding from Roy all the things he wishes to see. There are times when a breath of wind allows a glimpse, but it’s simply not enough.

It’s absolutely maddening to be this close to Yoruichi and yet not be able to touch.

“You look frustrated, Colonel,” the vixen purrs a him, eyes bright and golden, hair spilling in a wet, black curtain over her shoulders.

A whisper of wind and Roy catches a tantalizing glimpse of cleavage. His breath hitches. “Though I am well-known for my patience” -A small white lie- “I find myself eager to make use of the inspiring nature of our surroundings.”

“Oh?” Yoruichi says, and the water ripples as she lifts her arms in a stretch. “How so?”

For a minute, Roy’s brain shorts out. He can’t remember what smooth line he planned to say next. He’s too busy watching water drip down her toned, tanned arms. Imagining tracing their path with his lips and tongue, pressing close to her in the heat of this water, caressing her lovely skin with his fingertips.

“Roy,” Yoruichi purrs, gathering his attention and making him blink out of his lusty thoughts. “You seem a bit distracted tonight.”

He swallows thickly, manages a light chuckle, gestures toward her as she braces her arms on the lip of the springs behind her. “Can you blame me?”

“Of course not. I am a stunning example of feminine beauty,” Yoruchi replies airily, but the sparkle in her eyes proves she is only teasing.

“I must agree,” Roy says, and he licks his lips, clenching and unclenching his fingers if only to occupy his hands. He’s hard as a rock right now, and if not for the steam of the springs, Yoruichi would probably be able to see her effect on him. Then again, knowing her, she is already aware of how aroused he is. “I can offer the description of charitable as well, if only you’d come a little closer.”

Yoruichi throws her head back and laughs, voice rich and mellifluous. “I’m quite comfortable where I am, thank you,” she says, and lowers her head, fixing him with a heated stare as one hand lifts, crooking a finger toward him. “Perhaps you could join me over here?”

Roy doesn’t need more than a second’s thought to obey as he moves through the heated water and approaches her, feeling like prey daring to come within hairsbreadth of predator. But if she’s going to eat him alive, Roy’s damn well going to enjoy it.


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