[Misc] Great Minds Think Alike

“Dear Rangiku, it’s been too long.” Rising elegantly from her couch, Yuuko wraps Rangiku in a warm embrace and kisses her cheek in greeting.

Rangiku returns the gesture. “How true. Three months is it?”

“Feels like longer, considering the dearth of good liquor and entertainment around here.”

Laughing, the Shinigami lowers herself to a plush arrangement of pillows. “I thought Watanuki provided both in abundance?”

Yuuko waves a hand through the air. “Entertainment, yes. Liquor? Only when Doumeki visits, which is too few.”

“Doumeki?” Rangiku taps her chin with two fingers. “He’s…?”

“Watanuki’s newest distraction.” Yuuko’s lips curve in a very foxlike manner.

Rangiku is intrigued. “Do tell.”

“Pour me some of your sake and I shall,” Yuuko says and settles comfortably on her couch, reclined as always. “They are an interesting pair, you know. Watanuki’s so stubborn. He never likes to admit when he needs help.”

“So you provide it for him.”

“Of course.” Yuuko’s smile is positively wicked. “Doumeki is charming. You’d like him. And he makes Watanuki splutter in the most amusing ways.”

Rangiku contemplates this as she sips at her sake. “And he has the best liquor, you say?”

“Aside from what you bring me.”

This time, Rangiku is the one whose smile widens. “Then by all means, call him up. I want to meet him.”

Yuuko chuckles. “For the liquor?”

“For the chance to see Watanuki flail about,” Rangiku corrects.

“I like the way you think,” Yuuko says with a laugh. “I knew there was a reason we get along so well.”

Rangiku lifts her cup in salutation. “Great minds think alike.”


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