[Misc] Host Club Zuko

He doesn’t know how he got here, but frankly, Zuko’s never been so terrified in his entire life. Not even when facing down his father before defecting or standing against Azula.

“What do you think? A little foundation?”

“No, no. We should enhance the scar. Women find scars sexy.”

Twin faces peer down at Zuko, arguing amongst themselves as they take liberty with his person, gripping his chin turning his face this way and that. Fingers flicking over Zuko’s hair. Lips frowning at his state of dress. The two faces circling around him like hungry sharks, their expressions a mix of challenged glee.

“Just a trim for the hair. Don’t you think, Kaoru?”

One of the twins nods approvingly. “Yes. Just a trim. He can be our rugged type. Like Mori-senpai, but not as wild.” He snaps his fingers. “Perfect!”

Zuko sinks down in the overly fluffy and decorated chair beneath him, hoping that if he slumps low enough he’ll escape their notice. He turns his pleading gaze to the rest of the teenagers gathered around him – all dressed the same, even that girl over there who is dressed like the dudes – hoping to be rescued.

The bespectacled one adjusts his glasses. “If you can improve upon his appearance, I anticipate a twenty percent increase in our profits in the first quarter alone.”

“And you know Kyouya-senpai,” the girl dressed as a guy remarks in a dry tone. “Anything for the bottom line.”

The blond, tall one with vivid blue eyes – almost purple really – does a spinning pirouette of all things, clasping his hands together happily. “Another host! This is wonderful!”

“I like cake!” the short one, who looks more like a kid than anything else, announces.

The tall, silent one next to the kid grunts some kind of wordless agreement.

Clearly, there is no hope to be found for poor Zuko. Instead, he has to meet his doom head first, as this matching set of crazies poke and prod at him, critiquing his clothes and his haircut and whether or not he’s suitably rugged.

It’s a fate worse than death, and Zuko bemoans whatever crazy Avatar event – because this as to be Aang’s fault in some way – sent him here. He sincerely hopes that Aang will be able to retrieve him soon, because Zuko doesn’t like the look in the twins’ eyes as they approach him with scissors and barely hidden devilish glee.


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