[Misc] Sake

“And what have you brought me today, Rangiku?”

“Only the finest sake in Seireitei,” Rangiku answers with a faint giggle, lowering herself into the luxurious cushion in Yuuko’s meeting room. The twins – Maru and Moro – had directed her with many a song and dance, one that never ceases to make Rangiku smile.

Watanuki – Yuuko’s apprentice – watches the two women from around the corner, suspicious as always. He knows he’ll be set to cooking a fancy meal for them soon enough. He’s so adorable. Reminds Rangiku of her captain, he does, especially when he splutters and does that arm-waving thing.

Yuuko arches one elegant brow. “The finest? My, my. And what would you like in exchange for this?”

Rangiku sets the bottle on the table between them, and grins when Watanuki brings in a platter with snacks and cups for the women to serve themselves. “Some conversation first and then, perhaps, a request. Not for me, of course. But for a certain surly dragon who needs a little light in his life.”

The other woman’s lips tilt in a graceful smile as she lounges on her own couch, elegant robes a perfect contrast to the simplicity of the cushions, and a wreath of smoke lingering around her head. “I see.”

Rangiku uncorks the sake and takes a deep breath of the wonderful aroma. She pours a cup for Yuuko and waits patiently for the witch to pour Rangiku some as well. They share a conspiratorial look, cups raised.

“What shall we toast to?” Yuuko asks, humor twitching her lips.

Rangiku can’t keep herself from grinning either. “All of our unsuspecting victims?”

Yuuko laughs, a rich sound that probably frightens Watanuki in the other room, uncertain of what dangerous situation his employer may have planned. “Oh, yes. I’ll drink to that.”

With a clink of their cups, they are in agreement and Rangiku tosses back the first cup in one long, savoring pull. Yuuko does much the same, smacking her lips in appreciation of the taste.

“Mmm. I agree. Definitely the finest,” Yuuko says, already reaching for the jug to pour Rangiku’s next cup. It won’t be long before they finish the bottle together. Luckily, Rangiku brought a spare. “So what can I do for the icy dragon?”

Rangiku’s lips curl into a mischievous grin. Her taichou will never see this coming.


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