[Misc] Vines

He has a Sanzo trapped in his vines.

Hakkai smirks, lips peeling back over his fanged teeth.

He has the most powerful human wound in his vines. Nude. Bound. Gagged. Helpless.

Those purple eyes are glaring ocular fire.

Arousal skitters down Hakkai’s spine. His cock fills with blood and he drops a hand, curling clawed fingers around himself carefully. He gives himself a few languid strokes as he prowls around the bound Sanzo.

He admires the way his vines dimple the pale flesh. A few pinpricks of blood here and there have been drawn, highlighting thin, silvery scars. Delicious. Hakkai licks his lips.

Where to begin?

Sanzo growls as though demanding he get started. Hah. Sanzo’s not the one in charge right now, is he?

Hakkai strokes himself again, squeezing out a drop of precome before he makes himself stop. No need to end the festivities early, yes? And it would be such a shame to waste this feast.

He watches as Sanzo puts forth a token struggle. The vines get tighter; Hakkai can feel them pressing into Sanzo’s skin. He can feel the priest’s pulse through his vines, a steady throb of arousal. Sanzo’s visibly hard, too, and Hakkai drops into a crouch over him. He lightly drags the pad of his finger over Sanzo’s rigid length.

Sanzo’s hips buck upward, a lusty moan vibrating in his throat.

Hakkai chuckles, gripping Sanzo’s cock and squeezing it. Sanzo arches, straining against the vines, delicious in his need. His arousal is a thick, heady musk to Hakkai’s senses. He inhales deeply, feeling his own pulse throb in time with Sanzo’s.

Hakkai adjusts his crouch, leaning over Sanzo’s cock and exhaling heated breath over the seeping head. A twitch of his fingers and a thinner, more supple vine snakes over, curling also around Sanzo’s length. Wisely, this one is devoid of torns, but the pressure it applies to Sanzo’s cock makes the priest moan again, sweat now blanketing his pale, pale skin.

He twists within his confines, desperate for more. And Hakkai, pleased by the show the priest has given him, chooses to oblige. He opens his mouth and let his tongue slide out, lapping at Sanzo’s cock, preparing to take him deep. Who’s the god now?


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